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REALifelines for Injured Vets

Employment, Benefits & Support

Click the links below to address many top concerns of injured veterans adjusting to civilian life.

I want to . . .

Find a New Job
  • Locate job-training and re-training programs, education opportunities, and job-placement assistance programs
Return to My Pre-Service Employer
  • Get a straightforward explanation of your rights under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
Understand Workplace Laws, Rights, and Accommodations for Disabled Veterans
  • Learn how your workplace can, by law, be adjusted to accommodate your disability
  • Help your managers follow through on making those modifications
Work for the Federal Government
  • Navigate federal employment application procedures
  • Understand your entitlement to preferential federal hiring consideration
  • Learn about federally-sponsored vocational training
Find Assistance for My Family
  • Learn about Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs programs
  • Review TRICARE health care services
  • Access spouse employment, education, and relocation assistance
  • Get help coping with post-traumatic stress disorder
Access Other Benefits and Support Services
  • Find listings of Department of Veterans Affairs benefits
  • Access additional continuing education and workforce training
  • Learn how to launch and maintain a successful business
  • Get help finding home loans, apartment locations, and housing that accommodates disabilities

To learn about service-specific veteran assistance organizations, click the links below:

One-on-One Assistance

Employment, Benefits & Support