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Message from Assistant Secretary for Aging Josefina G. Carbonell

Recent natural disasters and other emergencies throughout the country underscore the importance all of us have in taking a pro-active role in improving preparedness for emergencies that can happen anywhere, at any time.   As we prepare ourselves and our families for potential threats to our safety and security,  we encourage all sectors of the national Aging Services Network to become full participants in coordinated and advanced planning between Federal, State, Tribal, and local governments, and the private sector, to quickly assist large numbers of people in a short amount of time.    It is only through these coordinated efforts that we will able to continue to ensure that the needs and characteristics of older individuals and other special needs populations will be adequately considered and included in state and local preparedness and response activities.

Across the Aging Services Network – through state and local training exercises, in the development of innovative best practices, and through the rapid and effective responses to a variety of natural disasters – we have seen the positive results of increased collaborations in working to safeguard and assist older individuals and their families in emergency situations.  We commend the Network for these efforts and encourage everyone to continue to build upon, strengthen and improve your emergency preparedness partnerships and planning to assure that plans will be responsive to all hazards and emergencies. 

Latest News

October 06, 2008
    HHS’ Administration on Aging Provides Disaster Assistance to Texas Seniors

October 01, 2008
    HHS’ Administration on Aging Provides Disaster Relief to Louisiana Seniors

September 30, 2008
    HHS’ Administration on Aging Provides Disaster Relief to Florida Seniors

September 17, 2008
    Hurricane Ike Information and Resources  (offsite)

   Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Hurricane Ike Information (offsite)

 September 03, 2008
   HHS Program to Improve Disaster Assistance

   Hurricane Gustav Response and Resources (PDF)

September 02, 2008
   The following are helpful links to News and Resource Pages of States impacted by Hurricane Gustav or its evacuees.

  Alabama Department of Senior Services
  Alabama Department of Public Health
  Florida Department of Elder Affairs – Disaster Preparedness
  Get A Game Plan
  Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
  Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

September 02, 2008    HHS Hurricane Information

August 26, 2008 CDC Hurricane Preparedness and Response

July 8, 2008 Report Offers Resources for Home Health Care Response During a Flu Pandemic

June 17, 2008 AoA Provides Disaster Assistance to Iowa Department of Elder Affairs

Floods – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

AoA Resources for the Aging Network

Other Resources

Federal Departments and National Relief Agencies
Many federal departments and national relief organizations provide information and/or assistance before, during, and after an emergency or disaster.  Please click here to find out how these agencies and organizations can support you in the event of a disaster or emergency.
Additional Topics
* National Hurricane Center (Off Site)

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