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Successful Transitions: Jeff

Jeff Grice You make the best of every situation.
American Excellence at Work: Jeff Grice, Knight Protective Services

Current position:
Security Supervisor
Knight Protective Services, Inc. (KPS)
Detroit, Michigan
Military position:
Training Officer
United States Navy (USN)

Knight Protective Services, Inc. (KPS) is a leading supplier of security officers to commercial enterprises and the federal government.

Jeff's Story:
As a training officer for the Navy, Jeff Grice managed a $1.6 million travel and transportation budget, the handling of which earned him a commendation. Yet facing transition after 20 years in the service, Jeff had natural apprehension about securing a position that would support and benefit his family. Though a North Carolina native, he only knew that he would preferably settle in his wife's native state of Michigan. Fortunately he met Joseph Gabelsberger, a Veterans' Employment Specialist in Detroit.

Gabelsberger could well understand both Jeff's apprehension and his value. He knew from his own decades of experience in the service what Jeff had to offer.

"Anyone who is going to lay his life on the line is the kind of person most employers want," says Gabelsberger. In counseling Jeff, Gabelsberger gave him a perspective about transition: first a job, then a better job, then a career.

Gabelsberger introduced Jeff to Knight Protective Services, which has a GSA contract to guard federal property in the Detroit area. Jeff found himself ready for a security supervisor position.

"You make the most of every situation," says Jeff. "Knight has given me a start." Now Jeff looks forward to completing his education in management.

Gabelsberger notes that Jeff already has plenty of management experience. Now he simply needs the academic credentials to step up. His positions in the Navy have well prepared him for leadership.

"Veterans sell themselves," says Gabelsberger. "They are in demand."

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