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Resume Writer
To write, edit and post resumes, visit Resume Writing for the New Millennium, where you’ll find valuable tips for resume writing as well as a link to TurboTap’s Resume Builder.  To access the Resume Builder, you’ll need to register at TurboTap, but please note that registration will take only a couple of minutes; no personal or contact information will be shared; and once you’re registered the site offers a wealth of essential information on benefits and transition assistance customized to fit your needs.  TurboTap is the official Transition Assistance Program website operated under contract on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

America's Career InfoNet (ACINet)
This resume tutorial will help you write a great resume and cover letter. This resource will likely be more useful to veterans who transitioned to the civilian sector several years ago and have gained other civilian job experience to include on their resume.

Resume Writing Tips for Vets
This resume writing guide offers ten tips that you can use to create the kind of resume that gets the attention of civilian employers. Learn how to sell yourself, bring your skills to the forefront, and use your resume to get the job you want. These ten easy-to-understand tips make it simple to craft your military experience into a civilian resume that gets you where you want to be.