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REALifelines for Injured Vets

Recovery, Respect, and Success for Injured US Veterans


Our Mission

Since 2004, REALifelines has been dedicated to providing our nation's injured veterans with a return to civilian life that respects their sacrifices and honors their right to live full, productive lives.

We understand that injured US veterans want to contribute to society with the same dedication they showed as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.

Our promise is to work tirelessly to meet that objective for you, and for every injured veteran.

Real Help, Right Now

Click on the links to the right to learn about the assistance programs, employment opportunities, and awareness initiatives that are meeting the needs of injured US veterans and their families.

Provide a REALifeline
If you represent a company, non-profit, small business, or similar organization interested in improving the lives of injured veterans and their families, please contact the federal Director for Veterans' Employment and Training (DVET) in your state, or email the Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Service at


One-on-One Assistance