The Merit Systems Protection Board Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
The Merit Systems Protection Board Celebrates its 30th Anniversary (Read Press Release)

Welcome from Chairman Neil A. G. McPhie

Welcome to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). MSPB serves as an independent, bipartisan guardian of the merit systems under which Federal employees work. Merit-based civil service rules are essential to ensuring that Federal civil servants are well qualified to perform their jobs and are able to serve the public free from management abuse and partisan political pressure.

The Board has two statutory functions. First, it provides for independent adjudication of appeals of personnel actions for over 2 million Federal employees. Second, the Board conducts studies of Federal merit systems and related issues. Both of these functions help ensure that employees are managed effectively in accordance with the Merit System Principles and free from Prohibited Personnel Practices.

The ongoing development of alternative personnel systems will challenge MSPB’s adjudication and studies functions. The Board is committed to meeting these challenges by continuing to use effective and efficient processes to perform our role as chief guardian of the Federal merit systems, consistent with any modifications made by the Congress and the President.

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