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Community Matters: Information for Communities

    Welcome to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Web pages for communities. These Web pages allow you to find information about the agency 24 hours a day. 

    ATSDR is a federal public health agency in Atlanta, Georgia. The agency's mission is to prevent harm to human health and diminished quality of life from exposure to hazardous substances found at waste sites, in unplanned releases, and in other sources of pollution present in the environment. ATSDR identifies communities where people might be exposed to hazardous substances in the environment. 

    Click on the links on the Community Matters Web site to find out:

    What You Can Expect from ATSDR
    This fact sheet is a quick reference on what ATSDR can and cannot do for communities that may be exposed to hazardous substances, and additional information
    To find out more, go to What You Can Expect from ATSDR

    All about...
    Information to help you understand about "Exposure," "Public Health Advisories" and many others.
    To find out more, go to
    All About...

    Glossary of terms
    Defines the terms used by ATSDR, such as "CERCLA," "Superfund" and many others.
    To find out more, go to
    Glossary of terms

Page last modified: April 14, 2003