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Successful Transitions

Tiffany Peters I came out of a blue uniform to get into a brown uniform. It's what I'm used to.
American Excellence at Work: Tiffany Peters, UPS

Current position:
Permanent Full-Time Driver
Bay City, Michigan
Military position:
Aircraft Structural Maintenance
United States Air Force (USAF)

Tiffany's Story

Eric McElroy I want to help young people in the community.
American Excellence at Work: Eric McElroy, Detroit Police Department

Current position:
Cadet in Training
Detroit Police Department (DPD)
Detroit, Michigan
Military position:
Operations Manager/Gunnery Sergeant
United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Eric's Story

Jeff Grice You make the best of every situation.
American Excellence at Work: Jeff Grice, Knight Protective Services

Current position:
Security Supervisor
Knight Protective Services, Inc. (KPS)
Detroit, Michigan
Military position:
Training Officer
United States Navy (USN)

Jeff's Story