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Specific Information for the Health Professional

  • Case Studies in Environmental Medicine
    A series of self-instructional publications designed to increase primary care provider's knowledge of hazardous substances in the environment and to aid in the evaluation of potentially exposed patients.
  • Children's Environmental Health Information For Physicians, Nurses, and Other Clinicians
    Links to programs, activities, and information sources related to children's environmental health and hazardous waste sites.
    Software to help the researcher determine if there is a statistically significant chance that a cluster occurred other than by random phenomena, using 12 statistical methods that analyze the significance of a cluster using techniques that evaluate time, space, and both time and space clustering.
  • Environmental Health Nursing Initiative
    Designed to increase the competencies of nurses by ensuring nursing school course curricula include environmental health topics and that educational opportunities are available to practicing nurse professionals.

  • An Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs and Outcomes

    Methods to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of health risk communication messages, materials, and campaigns, in an effort to improve the capacity of risk communication practitioners and decisionmakers.
  • The Landfill Gas Primer
    Designed to provide environmental health professionals with a general understanding of landfill gases and to help them in responding to community concerns that may be related to landfill gas issues.
  • A Primer on Health Risk Communication
    Provides a framework of principles and approaches for the communications of health risk information to diverse audiences.