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New! Evaluating Vapor Intrusion Pathways at Hazardous Waste Sites [PDF, 882 KB] | Memorandum [PDF, 98 KB]

Documents Released for Public Comment

ATSDR Documents Released for Public Comment

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets for the general public and health care providers

Strategic Documents and Annual Reports

ATSDR Congressional Justification FY2008 [PDF, 1900 KB]

ATSDR's Role in the Response to Bioterrorism

The ATSDR FY 2002 Profile & Annual Report - HTML Version  |  PDF Version   |  On-line reader survey: Click Here

The ATSDR FY 2001 Profile & Annual Report - HTML Version  |  PDF Version

The ATSDR FY 2000 Profile & Annual Report - HTML Version  |  PDF Version   

The ATSDR FY 1999 Profile & Annual Report - HTML Version  |  PDF Version

Newsletters, Published Papers and Peer Reviewed Papers

Calibrating Distribution System Models with Fire-Flow Tests [PDF, 1 MB]

Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (HSEES) Biennial Report 1999-2000

Public Health and the Environment Newsletter

Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers

Published Papers by Topic

Continuing Patterns of Metallic Mercury Exposure

Reports and Reviews on Hazardous Waste Issues

A Study of Ambient Air Contaminants and
Asthma in New York City - Final Report
[PDF, 36 MB]

Review of the Incidence of Cancer Cases among Residents of Rowan County, North Carolina and Residents Living Near Industrial Facilities in Salisbury, North Carolina [PDF, 253 KB]

Serum Dioxin Levels in Residents of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

Fact Sheet [PDF, 845 KB]

Final Report [PDF, 588 KB]

Hair Analysis Panel Discussion: Exploring the State of the Science -- in HTML or PDF

Hair Sample Testing Fact Sheet for the General Public (PDF Version)

Analysis of Hair Samples Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers (PDF Version)

Landfill Gas Primer

Illegal Use of Methyl Parathion Insecticide

Public Health Reviews of Hazardous Waste Thermal Treatment Technologies

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