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  • If you have a question or need information, contact:

    TTY 888-232-6348
    24 Hours/Day

    CDC Emergency Response:  770-488-7100
    For state and local health department assistance.

    ATSDR cannot respond to questions about individual medical cases, provide second opinions or make specific recommendations regarding therapy. Those issues should be addressed directly with your health care provider.

  • ATSDR Regional Offices

    Julie L. Gerberding, MD, MPH, Administrator

    Offices and Divisions

    • Office of the Director
      Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH, Director
      Tom Sinks, PhD, Deputy Director
      Julie Fishman, MPH, Associate Director for Program Development

    • Science
      Mark Bashor, PhD, Associate Director

    • Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response
      Scott Deitchman, MD, Associate Director

    • Information Systems
      Nabil Issa, MS, Associate Director

    • Global Health
      Marilyn DiSirio, BA, Associate Director

    • Office of Financial and Administrative Services
      Carol Aloisio, MPA, Director
      Mike Youson, Deputy Director

    • Office of Communication
      Jana L. Telfer, MA, Associate Director
      Larry Furphy, Associate Deputy Director

    • Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation
      Kenneth Rose, MPA, Associate Director

    ATSDR Divisions

    • Division of Health Assessment and Consultation (DHAC)
      William Cibulas, PhD, Director
      Sharon O. Williams-Fleetwood, PhD, Deputy Director

    • Division of Health Studies (DHS)
      G. David Williamson, PhD, Director
      Sharon Campolucci, RN, MSN, FNP, Deputy Director

    • Division of Regional Operations (DRO)
      Tina Forrester, PhD, Director
      Clement Welsh, PhD, MPH, Deputy Director

    • Division of Toxicology & Environmental Medicine (DTEM)
      Ed Murray, PhD, Acting Director