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About RMRS

RMRS Territory Map The Rocky Mountain Research Station is one of five regional units that make up the US Forest Service Research and Development organization — the most extensive natural resources research organization in the world. We maintain 14 research locations throughout a 14-state territory encompassing the Great Basin, Southwest, Rocky Mountains and parts of the Great Plains. The Station employs over 400 permanent full-time employees, including roughly 100 research scientists.

Scientists conduct research that spans an area containing 52% of the nation's National Forest System lands (54 National Forests and Grasslands). In the lower 48 states, our territory also includes 55% of the nation's BLM lands; 48% of the designated wildernesses; 37% of National Park Service lands; numerous other public and tribal lands; and 41% of the non-urban/rural private lands.

We administer and conduct research on 14 experimental forests, ranges and watersheds while maintaining long-term databases for these areas. We also oversee activities on more than 260 Research Natural Areas and lead ecosystem management and research partnership projects in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico and Nevada.

Rocky Mountain Research Station
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