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Forest Service PA Systems of Records

SDA/FS-02 - Blaster's Certification Program

USDA/FS-03 - Uniform Allowance System

USDA/FS-04 - Certification of Engineering Personnel

USDA/FS-05 - Certified Cost Collectors

USDA/FS-06 - Certified Scalers and Check Scalers

USDA/FS-07 - Certified Silviculturists

USDA/FS-08 - Check-Before-Using Pilot List

USDA/FS-09 - CONCERN (Employee Assistance) Program

USDA/FS-10 - Employee Development Record

USDA/FS-11 - Employee Emergency Information

USDA/FS-12 - Fire Qualifications and Experience Records

USDA/FS-13 - Geometronics Skills Inventory

USDA/FS-14 - Grazing Permittees, Individual, National Forest System

USDA/FS-15 - Human Resources

USDA/FS-16 - Mineral Lesses and Permittees

USDA/FS-19 - Persons Interested in Forestry and Related Programs

USDA/FS-22 - Sawtooth National Recreation Area Certifications

USDA/FS-24 - Special Use Authorizations

USDA/FS-25 - Temporary Employee Performance and Training Record

USDA/FS-26 - Trespass and Claims

USDA/FS-27 - Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Medical Records

USDA/FS-28 - Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Payroll Records

USDA/FS-29 - Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Enrollee Records   

USDA/FS-30 - Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Recruitment System

USDA/FS-31 - Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Research Files

USDA/FS-33 - Law Enforcement Records

USDA/FS-34 - Land Adjustments

USDA/FS-35 - Congressional Correspondence Records

USDA/FS-36 - Certified Timber Sale Administrators

USDA/FS-37 - Certified Timber Appraisers

USDA/FS-38 - Certified Check Scaler 

USDA/FS-39 - Certified Timber Marker, Cruiser, and Check Cruiser

USDA/FS-40 - Certified Power Saw Operation

USDA/FS-41 - Certified Pesticide Applicators

USDA/FS-42 - Certified Prescriptionists

USDA/FS-44 - Pilot Qualification Records

USDA/FS-45 - Accident Notification System

USDA/FS-46 - Independent Appraisers

USDA/FS-47 - Forest Service Employee Placement System

USDA/FS-51 - Electronic Corpsmember Information System


USDA/OFM-03 - Administrative Billing and Collections


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