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Hurricane Classification

Hurricanes are classified into five categories, based on their wind speeds and potential to cause damage.

  • Category One -- Winds 74-95 miles per hour
  • Category Two -- Winds 96-110 miles per hour
  • Category Three -- Winds 111-130 miles per hour
  • Category Four -- Winds 131-155 miles per hour
  • Category Five -- Winds greater than 155 miles per hour

In the U.S., the official hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, but hurricanes can happen any time of the year. Hurricanes are named by the National Weather Service. Some past hurricanes have been named: Opal, Andrew, Marilyn, Hugo and Fran.

Important terms to know:

Hurricane Watch -- A hurricane is possible within 36 hours. Stay tuned to the radio and television for more information. The Hurricane Center is tracking the storm and trying to predict where it may come ashore.

Hurricane Warning -- A hurricane is expected within 24 hours. You may be told to evacuate. You and your family should begin making preparations to evacuate. If your area is having an evacuation, remember to take your Disaster Supply Kit. Do not forget to make plans for your pets if you must evacuate.

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