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2008 Press Releases

May 8, 2008
New CDC Study Finds Arthritis Can be a Barrier for Adults Seeking to Manage Diabetes through Physical Activity

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February 15, 2007
CDC Report Provides First State-Specific Data on Persons Living with Heart Disease

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September 18, 2006
Family and Friends can Help Manage or Prevent Diabetes in Hispanic Communities

April 20, 2006
CDC to Host First Diabetes and Obesity Conference

February 09, 2006
National Diabetes Education Program Offers New Materials Targeting Blacks with Diabetes

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December 8, 2005
Obesity, High Blood Pressure Impacting Many U.S. Adults Ages 55-64

October 26, 2005
Fact Sheet: Number of Americans with Diabetes Continues to Increase

October 24, 2005
CDC Reports that Nation’s Influenza Vaccine Supplies Continue to Increase; Advises Broadening of Vaccination Efforts

July 14, 2005
Statement from Dr. Julie Gerberding, CDC Director, regarding Harvard School of Public Health
opinion poll on obesity attitudes

July 7, 2005
CDC Director Announces New Center Directors

June 14, 2005
CDC's National Leadership Role in Addressing Obesity

May 19, 2005
African Americans and People Living in Southeast U.S. More Likely to Have a Stroke

May 17, 2005
Fact Sheet: The Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke Among American Indians and Alaska Natives 2005

April 19, 2005
Fact Sheet: CDC Efforts to Reduce or Prevent Obesity

February 10, 2005
CDC: Influenza Vaccine was used for Priority Groups

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October 18, 2004
Women and Diabetes will be Focus of CDC Conference in Savannah

September 1, 2004
Fact Sheet: New Report Maps Women's Health in the United States

August 26, 2004
Fact Sheet: New Study Shows Critical Role for Primary Care Specialists

April 2, 2004
Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities

March 9, 2004
Fact Sheet: CDC’s Prevention Activities that Target Actual Causes of Death

March 1, 2004
CDC Awards $4.2 Million for Diabetes Care Research

January 21, 2004
Obesity Costs States Billions in Medical Expenses

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December 15, 2003:
CDC Launches "Preventing Chronic Disease" to Connect Public Health Research and Practice

December 5, 2003:
CDC Assessing Influenza Vaccine Now In Supply Pipeline 

November 17, 2003:
Early Evidence Suggests Current Flu Season Could be Severe 

November 6, 2003:
Prevalence of Self-Reported Heart Disease and Stroke Among U.S. Adults With and Without Diabetes

October 3, 2003:
HHS Issues Report Charting Steady Gains in Americans' Health, Though Diabetes Remains Growing Concern

August 25, 2003:
Influenza Vaccine Supply Expected to Meet Demand

August 14, 2003:
Physical Activity Definitions Broadened to Include Daily Activities

August 11, 2003:
Aging Boomers Drive up Doctor Visits 

July 8, 2003
State Diabetes Programs Awarded $27 Million

May 20, 2003:
State Diabetes Programs Awarded $27 Million

May 5, 2003:
Mother's Day Pediatrics Examines the Crucial Role of Mothers in Children's Health

February 10, 2003:
Public Health Officials Gather in St. Louis to Improve Survey of Americans' Health Status

January 7, 2003:
CDC Finds Annual Flu Deaths Higher Than Previously Estimated

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December 31, 2002:
New State Data Show Obesity and Diabetes Still On the Rise

December 30, 2002
New State Data Show Obesity and Diabetes Still On the Rise

November 11, 2002
Federal Agencies Team Up with Business to Ease the Burden of Diabetes at Work

September 9, 2002
Trends in Diabetes Prevalence Among American Indian and Alaska Native Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

July 17, 2002:
HHS Launches New Campaign to Encourage Physical Activity and Healthy Behaviors for Kids

May 24, 2002:
Fact Sheet: Deaths from Strokes

May 14, 2002:
CDC Fact Sheet: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Status

May 14, 2002
Study Examines Cost-effectiveness of Treatment Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes

May 1, 2002:
HHS Promotes Health Through Physical Activity

April 17, 2002
A Diabetes Report Card for the United States Quality of Care in the 1990s

February 28, 2002:
Facts About Health-Related Quality of Life in Puerto Rico, 1996-2000

February 1, 2002:
HHS To Propose New Initiative to Build Healthy Communities

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October 26, 2001:
Diabetes Storyline Awarded CDC Sentinel for Health Award for Daytime Drama

October 22, 2001
CDC to Convene Task Force on Diabetes and Women

October 9, 2001:
CDC Names Soap Opera Storylines From Three Networks as Finalists for the Sentinel for Health Award for Daytime Drama

September 12, 2001
Diabetes Rates Rise Throughout the Decade

September 11, 2001:
Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Obesity Continue to Threaten the Health of Americans CDC Says

September 7, 2001:
Fact Sheet: Prevalence of Healthy Lifestyle Characteristics - Michigan, 1998-2000

July 25, 2001:
New Study Profiles Women's Use of Health Care

May 9, 2001:
CDC to Introduce Book on Diabetes in Women

April 30, 2001
CDC to introduce book on diabetes in women

April 27, 2001:
National Diabetes Education Program to Launch Hispanic/Latino Nutrition Campaign

March 16, 2001
Diabetes Stamp Issued

March 12, 2001:
More American Children and Teens Are Overweight

February 21, 2001:
CDC, PAHO Create Cross-Border Initiative to Address U.S./Mexico Diabetes Epidemic

January 26, 2001:
Diabetes Rates Rise Another Six Percent in 1999 

January 9, 2001:
Obesity Experts Recommend Body Measurements To Predict Chronic Disease

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December 28, 2000
Flu vaccination in January is best protection now against this slow starting flu season

December 26, 2000:
CDC Funds Registries for Childhood Diabetes

November 21, 2000
CDC funds registries for childhood diabetes

November 3, 2000
Flu Season 2000-01
Flu Vaccine Distribution: Frequently Asked Questions

November 3, 2000
Facts About Additional Flu Vaccine

October 26, 2000
Diabetes-Related Kidney Failure Increasing among American Indians and Alaska Natives

September 28, 2000
Update: Flu Vaccine Supply; Important Actions Taken to Reach High-Risk Persons With Flu Vaccine Despite Delays This Season

August 23, 2000
Major Increase in Diabetes Among Adults Occurred Nationwide
Between 1990 and 1998

June 26, 2000
ACIP Vote Regarding Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine

January 28, 2000
Older Women with Diabetes at Risk for Concentration,
Memory Problems

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October 29, 1999
Diabetes Preventive-Care Practices in Managed-Care Organizations - Rhode Island, 1995-1996

January 27, 1999
CDC Announces Research Program for Diabetes

January 15, 1999
CDC Reports Hispanics are Diagnosed with Diabetes at Twice the Rate of Whites


For more information, see CDC's Diabetes and Flu/Pneumococcal Campaign.

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