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As a Federally Qualified Health Center(FQHC), Mary’s Center demonstrates how improved access to family medical care, supportive and family literacy services—coupled with sensitivity to culture and language—lead to healthy families and safe communities. Additionally, the Center, through its numerous programs, provides:

  • dynamic child development services;
  • intensive home visits for pregnant women and their new infants;
  • case management for teen pregnancy prevention;
  • educational training and mentoring services for the prevention of school dropout occurrences and the promotion of college enrollment;
  • extensive community outreach efforts to increase the enrollment of the uninsured into health care plans; and
  • training and technical assistance for those interested in becoming safe and nurturing licensed child care providers

Mary’s Center was selected as one of the best local charities in the District of Columbia by Washingtonian Magazine

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Historical Election

“It has certainly been an amazing and historical political race in this country. Regardless of where you stand politically, we can admire both candidates’ commitment to a different paradigm. There is much to learn from this race about how to build a coalition around oneself, and from this moment on, the history books and classroom discussions around the country will forever change. It was a very emotional moment to see the remarkable rainbow of people who are feeling engaged and ready to serve.

Now it is our great responsibility to hold our national and local elected officials accountable. As we look at our hard working families, often relegated to living in shelters, still struggling to get basic health care, and sending their children to failing schools, we must take this new opportunity and demand that their voices continue to be heard and that change indeed does take place. This means that each one of us, whether at the PTA meetings, community advisory meetings, or other local hearings, must participate.  It all starts with each of us.  It all also starts at home and at work, by asking ourselves how we can make a difference in the life of a co‐worker, child, significant other, or Mary’s Center participant seeking guidance and advice. Together we, like our new president, can be that beacon of hope for the hundreds of people who come into our lives. In these hard times ahead, let us take a moment for ourselves and our families and renew our commitment to serve and to share the best of ourselves so that we might bring out the best in others.

It is my deep commitment, along with our leadership team, to be dedicated to serving our community by working tirelessly at maintaining the integrity of Mary’s Center. So I ask you today to please join me, in the spirit of optimism and hope, on this long and arduous journey”.        
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