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Title:         The Betty Ford story / a David L. Wolper production in
                  association with Warner Bros. Television ; produced
                  by Mark M. Wolper ; directed by David Greene.
Published:     United States : [s.n.], 1987.
Description:   2 reels of 2 : sd., col. ; 16 mm. ref print.
LC Call No.:   FDA 8498-8499 (ref print)
Notes:         Copyright: PUB 12Feb87; REG 22Apr88; PA372-207.
               Copyright notice on film: Warner Bros., Inc. ; 1987.
               Based upon the book "The Times of my Life" by Betty
                  Ford, with Chris Chase.
               Information from copyright data sheet.
               Received: 8-19-88; ref print; copyright deposit--RNR;
                  Copyright Collection.
Other authors: Copyright Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Source:        DLC DLC DLC amim
Control No.:   11519110

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