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General Collections Valuation


Determining the value of library collections is a formidable task. Many library collections are in multiple buildings with extensive general collections. The total number of items involved is so great that individual pricing is not practical. The solution is to develop an average value for each category within each location. Generally, the better categorized the collection, the more accurate the values.

The breakdown of volumes by subject is important to determine the value of a general collection. Many book jobbers can provide average cost by subject and, in some cases, such values are provided free on Web sites and can help you establish a replacement value for most items. To arrive at an accurate estimate of value, however, the source figure must be used in conjunction with the number of volumes by subject and format in each library location.

An Excel sheet by call number area, both Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal, is available for your use

If you do not have MS Excel software please link to a viewer that will let you read the file. For viewer click on this link.

2003-2004 Values Dewey Decimal Valuation (MS Excel)

2005-2006 Values Dewey Decimal Valuation (MS Excel)

2003-2004 Library of Congress Classification Valuation (MS Excel)

2005-2006 Library of Congress Classification Valuation (MS Excel)

Prices by subject are taken from data obtained from YBP Library Services - New Title Reports at: http://www.ybp.com/title_reports.html