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Woodrow Wilson

Presidential Number: 28th
Years he was President: 1913-1921
State Represented: New Jersey
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Fact(s): He was a good student in college. His first wife died while he was president.
Birthday: December 29, 1856
How old would he be this year? 147
School(s) attended: Princeton University, University of Virginia Law School, Johns Hopkins University
Wife: Ellen Wilson, first wife. Edith Wilson, second wife
Occupation(s) before he was President: College Professor, historian and political scientist, president of Princeton University
Other way(s) he served: Governor of New Jersey
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches
Hobbies or Sports: Golf, riding, swimming, walking
Pets: Sheep on the White House lawn

Life in America
How would he have traveled? Car, boat
How would he have communicated with his friends? Telephone, typed letter. telegram
U.S. Population when term began: 91,972,266
Number of stars on flag when he left office: 48

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Art and information provided by fifth-graders from Abingdon Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia. Coloringbook drawings by White House artist Rania Hassan.

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