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Topics addressed by survey: Electronic medical records

Workshop Proceedings


Improving Health-Care Statistics Through Electronic Medical Records and Health Information Exchange


Selected recent publications using data from the National Health Care Surveys on electronic medical records:


Hing ES, Burt CW, Woodwell DA. Electronic medical record use by office-based physicians and their practices: United States, 2006. Adv Data. 2007 Oct 26;(393):1-7.


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Hing E, Burt CW. Office-based medical practices: methods and estimates from the national ambulatory medical care survey. Adv Data. 2007 Mar 12;(383):1-15.


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Burt CW, Hing E. Use of computerized clinical support systems in medical settings: United States, 2001-03. Adv Data. 2005 Mar 2;(353):1-8.


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