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Geographic Information Systems Committee

The GIS Ad Hoc Committee was formed to address the appropriate uses of geographic information systems (GIS) in cancer registry practice. The committee will work towards fulfilling the recommendations and encouraging GIS education and research in the areas outlined on pages 53-55 in the October 2002 NAACCR publication, "Using Geographic Information Systems Technology in the Collection, Analysis and Presentation of Cancer Registry Data: A Handbook of Basic Practices".

This committee's web page can also be accessed using the address: Geocoded NPI File Publications Education Distance Calculator

This SAS code calculates the great circle distance between the locations of cases at the time of diagnosis and the locations of treatment facilities. Case locations are taken from NAACCR items 2352 (latitude) and 2354 (longitude) in NAACCR v10 or v11 layout file. The program can use either source (unconsolidated) or consolidated case reports as input. A second input file contains facility IDs, latitude, and longitude. GIS Survey

This survey is meant to assess the GIS capabilities and training needs of the NAACCR membership registries. The survey results will be used to identify areas where GIS tools or resources may be needed and encourage NAACCR to promote development of education and training activities, and resources that could be pooled or shared by its member registries. Meeting Minutes (Word/PDF)
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