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VA Legal Careers

0905 – Attorney

This series covers professional legal positions involved in preparing cases for trial and/or the trial of cases before a court or an administrative body or persons having quasi-judicial power; rendering legal advice and services with respect to questions, regulations, practices, or other matters falling within the purview of a Federal Government agency (this may include conducting investigations to obtain evidentiary data); preparing interpretative and administrative orders, rules, or regulations to give effect to the provisions of governing statutes or other requirements of law; drafting, negotiating, or examining contracts or other legal documents required by the agency's activities; drafting, preparing formal comments, or otherwise making substantive recommendations with respect to proposed legislation; editing and preparing for publication statutes enacted by Congress, opinions or discussions of a court, commission, or board; drafting and reviewing decisions for consideration and adoption by agency officials. Included also are positions, not covered by the Administrative Procedure Act, involved in hearing cases arising under contracts or under the regulations of a Federal Government agency when such regulations have the effect of law, and rendering decisions or making recommendations for disposition of such cases. The work of this series requires admission to the bar.

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Types of VA Jobs

VA Career Categories:

0986 - Legal Assistant

This series covers one-grade interval administrative support positions that supervise, lead, or perform legal

assistance work not classifiable in any other series in the Legal and Kindred Group, GS-0900. The work requires specialized knowledge of processes, procedures, and practices to support legal activities.

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0540 - Voucher Examiner

This series covers all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work

consisting of the examination for accuracy, legality, compliance with regulations, and justification of vouchers, invoices, claims, and other requests for payment for: (1) goods and services provided to or by the Government; (2) satisfaction of breach of contract or default in fulfilling contractual obligations; (3) reimbursement of expenditures made by beneficiaries for such purposes as medical and domiciliary care and treatment, burial expenses, and education and training; (4) reimbursement of expenditures for travel and transportation; or (5) other transactions when such examination of the request for payment is not classifiable in another series.

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