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1 Compensation & Pension Benefits
2 Obtain a Copy of my DD 214 military record or other service record
3 How long will it take to receive a decision on my compensation claim?
4 How much does VA pay in compensation?
5 Surviving spouse benefits
6 What are the Veteran Non-Service Connected Pension Rates ?
7 My service-connected disability has worsened since receiving my current dis
8 What is the Individual Unemployability benefit?
9 My disabilities are not related to my service. Are there any benefits for
10 How does VA determine the level of compensation payable?
11 What if I have another disability not previously claimed?
12 Can I get back compensation payments?
13 How much does VA pay for pension benefits?
14 Can I be paid retroactively to when I was discharged?
15 Are VA disability compensation and VA pension the same?
16 Are there other VA benefits related to compensation?
17 Never filed for compensation. How do I file a claim for VA disability comp
18 When will my benefits be effective if the claim is approved?
19 What should I do if I think an error was made on a previous disability dec
20 Never applied for compensation. Will VA Help me in obtaining required inf
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