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Good Things Being Said By Our Visitors

Just wanted to compliment you on your great site for kids. My goddaughter is in 4th grade and studying quakes and volcanoes. I was looking for straightforward facts for her to study and your site is very clear and understandable- great job!
A. Downhower

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed visiting this website. It was not only educational but a lot of FUN! I know that we will be returning many times, and we'll tell all our friends. Thank you.
Holly and her mom

I would like to thank you for giving children such a great place to learn about natural disasters. My name is Megan and I am an 18 year old high school senior. I believe that this has to be the most creative site I have seen dealing with disaster relief. Even though I am about to graduate high school and go on to college, I enjoyed it as though I was seven. Thank you. Children (and grown-ups) need this.
Megan W.

I'm a technology specialist/elementary teacher who's been searching for some usable and interesting information on hurricanes all over the web. I love your site! My kids of all levels will be learning and having fun. I can't wait for them to use your information. Thanks for all your hard work!
Peggy Busch

I looked over the FEMA for Kids website and found it to be very helpful in my family being prepared for a disaster. It gave us some great ideas. I just wanted to let you know that I think you all are doing a great service. Thank you.
Jeff Sone, Venturer Crew 1519, VP for Programs

Hello, I'm a third grade teacher and just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your site. It really is one of the best educational websites out there. We'll be using it as a primary source of instruction for the next week : )
Danice Von Feldt, Chavez Elementary

My name is Tiena Hall. I am the Southeast Regional representative for the Arkansas Floodplain Management Assoc. I have been looking over your web page and find it very helpful. My daughter finds the "Fun" section a lot of fun. So do I. I enjoyed it so much that I sent a letter to my daughter's school. The principal has talked to the teachers about the web page. They are learning emergency information to give to the students. I just wanted you and FEMA to know how important it is for FEMA to make a frightening experience less frightening to a child. This is a good way to teach them about emergencies and to be prepared. Thank you.
Tiena Hall

Thank you for this wonderful site. My ten year old, who has never seen a hurricane, is doing a school report on hurricanes and your site was not only fun for her to visit, but full of great information, too. Keep up the good work!
Jack and Linda Slaght

I just wanted to express my thanks to you for putting out such a great informational tool. My students are learning all kinds of things about weather. Watching them, I doubt that they even realize that they are learning because they are having so much fun. Keep up the great work.
From: Jannean Muehlfeld, a computer lab teacher Wm. Holliday Elementary School, Fairview Hgts., Illinois

This website taught me alot about FEMA, and FEMA's resources. FEMA sounds like a real great organization and it should stay around to help people. The website teaches us and informs us about FEMA and every part of the site should stay up and running for years to come. I loved the crossword puzzle, it was fun and taught me things. The site should be added on to, not taken away!
Sincerely, Andrew K.

I am a fourth grade teacher from Sudlersville Elementary School in Maryland. My students came to school yesterday very scared and concerned about Hurricane Floyd. During class we went to FEMA for Kids and read and learned a lot. It is a great page for kids and adults. They felt a lot better and found out a lot. They liked the stories. We didn't have much time to read everything so I told them we will go back to it. I believe they felt better after tracking the storm and reading about what to do. Thanks so much.
Kelly Embert, MD

This is a great web page for kids! I am glad to see you thought of them. Parents get so stressed with hurricane preparations that it is wonderful to see items directed towards children. I plan on directing my children to this page this evening. I was here for Hugo and remember going 3 weeks without electricity.
Karla Locklear, Charleston, SC

I love your Fema for Kids web site. Its a terrific idea and an interesting and informative site. Good work.
Wisti Nelson, Business Systems Analyst

I was on your site today and I was very impressed. First I tried to put the snowman together, then I read the feature on Y2K for Kids and found it very understandable and comprehensive. I printed it to share with my daughter's school and my second graders (I'm the room parent for my daughter's class). Then I clicked on the Canine Heroes and printed them as well to share with the class. Thanks again for all the info.
Patricia Sellers

I am a grade school technology teacher who just came across your FEMA for Kids site. In my experience, your "kids" page is the most interesting and fun kids' site of all the governmental agencies. Someone has put a lot of work in on this site! Good luck as you continue to develop an engaging site for children.
Tim Lamas, Rocky Ridge Elementary School, Graham, WA

Dear Fema,
As a parent I loved this site. I was searching for activities for my 8 year old and this site was great. We were in the tornado that hit Hickory Ridge, AR in 1997 and ever since my son has been really afraid of storms. This site helped me explain some things to him and how to help prepare him. Thanks again for your information.

Dear Fema,
I think your web site is the best disaster page, I should know, I used your web site for my science project and I got an A+.
Yours truly, A Big Fan

This is a fun and informative site for kids of all ages. Thanks for remembering the importance of providing enjoyable learning experiences for children. I especially liked the kids' own stories. I teach writing to adults and always remind them how important to read to their kids and help them learn to express their own ideas in spoken and written form. I'll send a site link to a friend who has young children who love to spend time at the computer and are very creative.
Madeline Harris

Thank you for showing this web site. My teacher gave it to me and I took it home and found it on my computer. This could really help little kids help their parents when an accident occures.It is also interesting that it shows all about tornados, wildfires,and other things like that.I am just so glad that you did this for us!!
Thanks a BUNCH, Heather, Snyder, Texas

I am a sixth grade teacher at Honeysuckle Middle School. I am very excited to find the FEMA Web site. On Wednesday, May 13th, my students will be surfing the net to find information on earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. I am proud to be able to send them to this site. Thank you for the valuable information.
Charla Beauchamp, Honeysuckle Middle School, Dothan, Alabama

My son really enjoys getting e-mail from you. He use to get scared when a storm moved through. Since we have been talking about Thunderstorms and Tornados and what to do in case we experience one, he seems to be more comfortable with it when severe weather approaches. We live in Southeast Kansas so we are in Tornado Alley. We have some pretty strong storms move through are area this time of year. Jesse really likes going to the FEMA for Kids Website. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reach the children.
Thanks again, Vince Eagle, Chanute, Kansas

I enjoyed your web site . It was so Cool!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know it was there!
Latrise M., Seventh Grade, Hartington Public School

Boy, am I impressed at your new FEMA for Kids. I have been a resource coord. for Woodbridge Township OEM for 14 years. I have talked OEM to every grade. You have created a swell resource for me. Thank you.
Sylvia Albrecht, Woodbridge Emergency Management (N.J.)

You have introduced us to some very valuable resources that will also help us in learning to use the Internet.
Elementary School Principal, Michigan

Congratulations! The kids pages are outstanding! When I need a pick-me-up, I'll go there!

I think your games are good. It's kind of hard to get in to at first, but it's fun. Thank you for giving my school a chance.
Timilty School (Boston) Student

I just wanted to let you know that as a parent, I appreciate this site. It is informative and I wish there had been information like this available when I was a child.

Your rap rules!!!

I think this Web site is wonderful. We need more information that helps teach kids. Adults can even learn while they are at the Web site with their kids. Great job, FEMA!
From New Castle, Pennsyvlania

The site looks great. There is solid information in a format that is user friendly for children. Nice Job!

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