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Budget Formulation   eagle head

Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees

FY 2004
Summary Tables for Download
 Table of Contents
 Program Level
 Detail of Changes
 Budget Authority
 President's Budget
 FTE Summary Table
 FTE Table 1
 FTE Table 2
 FTE Table 3
 Crosswalk Tables 1
 Crosswalk Tables 2
 Crosswalk Tables 3
 State Grants Tables 1
 State Grants Tables 2
 Executive Summary
FY 2004
Indian Health Services
 General Statement
 Clinical Services
 Hospitals & Health Clinics
 Dental Health
 Mental Health
 Alcohol & Substance Abuse
 Contract Health Services
 Information Technology
 Epidemiology Centers
 Preventative Health
 Public Health Nursing
 Health Education
 Community Health Representatives
 Immunization AK
 Urban Health
 Indian Health Professions
 Tribal Management
 Direct Operations
 Self Governance
 Contract Support Costs
 Public and Private Collections
 Diabetes SDPI
FY 2004
Indian Health Facilities
 Facilities Overview
 Maintenance and Improvement
 Sanitation Facilities
 Health Care Facilities
 Environmental Health
 Facilities Support
 Environmental Health Support
 Environmental Health Engineering Supprt
 Personnel Quarters
FY 2004
Supplemental Materials
 Organizational Chart (takes you to a different part of the IHS website)
 Exhibit D Appropriation Language
 Exhibit E Services
 Exhibit E Facilities
 Exhibit F Summary of Change Facilities
 Exhibit F Summary of Change Services
 Exhibit G
 Exhibit H
 Exhibit I Salaries and Expenses
 Exhibit J Significant Items
 Exhibit K Authorizing Legislation
 Exhibit L Services
 Exhibit L Facilities
 Exhibit P
 Exhibit Q
 Exhibit R
 Cross Cut 1
 Cross Cut 2
 Cross Cut 3
 Cross Cut 4
 Health Facilities Priority Rankings
 Inpatient Admissions
FY 2004
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