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NLS: Overseas Outlook

January through June 2004
Volume 27, Number 1

Digital Format

NLS's goal is to introduce digital talking books (DTBs) in 2008 when the first DTB players will be produced and distributed. Books and magazines will continue to be produced on cassette until that year and possibly for some time afterwards. NLS will keep readers informed of its progress in moving from cassettes to digital talking books.

Mail Delivery

NLS is still experiencing problems in receiving mail. Patrons are encouraged to communicate with the overseas librarian via fax (202) 707-0712 or e-mail raj@loc.gov.

Book Formats

NLS currently produces books on cassette and in braille. Some readers are inadvertently ordering books on RD (hard disc) though they do not have record players, which are available upon request. When ordering books, please note:

New from NLS

The new books and other publications from NLS listed below are available by contacting the overseas librarian.

New book: Grand Canyon Women

NLS is pleased to announce the addition of Grand Canyon Women (RCN 011) by Betty Leavengood to the NLS collection. The book is produced by volunteers at the Arizona State Library.

According to the book jacket, "Grand Canyon Women tells the humorous and heartbreaking stories of eighteen remarkable women river runners, scientists, wranglers, architects, rangers, hikers, and housewives each of whom, in the midst of nature's indiscriminate universe, discovers her identity. Some come to the canyon by happenstance, others seek it out with passion and purpose; most triumph over terrific challenges, while others meet a darker fate. Grand Canyon Women takes readers to a place of life-defining discovery and to tidy homes of rural routine. No matter what the journey, these stories will inspire adventurous readers everywhere."

New magazine: Vital Speeches of the Day

NLS is pleased to announce the addition of a new magazine, Vital Speeches of the Day, on cassette. Vital Speeches is a biweekly periodical, typically 30-35 print pages in length, with no advertising. Each recorded issue covers two to three sides of one cassette, and features eight to ten speeches by leaders "in the fields of economics, politics, education, sociology, government, criminology, finance, business, taxation, health, law, labor, etc."

Both Grand Canyon Women and Vital Speeches of the Day can be received through your overseas librarian.

New publications from NLS

NLS announces the availability of a few new and revised reference publications and factsheets in large print and online at www.loc.gov/nls.

Physical Disabilities: Information and Advocacy Organizations
This reference circular is a list of national organizations serving as information clearinghouses, referral agencies, and legislative advocates for people with physical disabilities, their families, and the professionals who work with them.
Physical Disabilities: Information and Advocacy Organizations online
Sources for Purchase of Cassette Players and Player-Recorders Compatible with Recorded Materials Produced by the National Library Services (NLS)
This factsheet is intended for individuals and institutions that wish to purchase their own playback equipment, desire special features, or are ineligible for the free loan of NLS-provided playback equipment.
Sources for Purchase of Cassette Players
Facts: Selected Veterans Organizations
This factsheet lists organizations that advocate on behalf of veterans and assist them in obtaining services and benefits to which they are entitled.
Facts: Selected Veterans Organizations
Audio Technology Initiatives
This technical circular explains how NLS is converting its audio cassette format to a digital format.
Audio Technology Initiatives
This web-based service provides, in an electronic format, many braille books, some music scores, and all braille magazines produced by NLS. The service also includes a growing collection of titles transcribed locally from our network of cooperating libraries. The Web-Braille site is password-protected, and all files are in an electronic form of contracted braille, requiring the use of special software and equipment for access. If interested, contact the overseas librarian for registration information.
Facts: Web-Braille

Minibibliography: Eric Kraft

Each issue of Overseas Outlook includes a bibliography on a subject that may be of interest to our patrons. This issue features a minibibliography on Eric Kraft. To receive any of these books, complete the order form at the end of the newsletter and return it to the overseas librarian.


Eric Kraft is the author of a large (and growing) work of fiction called The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy. Eric Kraft maintains a web site where he sells his work in print, e-book, CD, and MP3 formats: http://www.erickraft.com/peterleroy/pershist/sitecontstopical.html.

The site offers free material, including essays about the series, and a page on which Kraft answers questions from readers. Sample chapters from several novels are also available, and in some cases, the first half of the book. Kraft is in the process of making commercial recordings of his work and intends to add free MP3 samples to the site as each title is completed.

Little Follies: The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy (So Far)     RC 36556
Grown-up Peter Leroy embellishes upon events of his childhood in a small long Island clamming community. A highly imaginative, naive perfectionist, young Peter struggles to comprehend the unusual relatives, neighbors, teachers, and children in his life. Originally published as an eight-part serial novel. 1982

Herb 'n' Lorna: A Love Story     RC 29834
When Peter Leroy is bequeathed a small box containing meticulously crafted, animated, erotic jewelry, he begins a journey through his grandparents' lifelong romance. Brought together through their artistic ability, Herb and Lorna seemed to have had a normal married life. But, in the end, what appeared on the surface to be an ordinary life was one full of constant surprises. Some descriptions of sex. 1988

Where Do You Stop? The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy (Continued)      RC 36897
Peter Leroy's sixth-grade year centers around a fascinating but never- ending science paper. But he still has time to build a lighthouse, lust after older women, and bug his grandfather (who is sharecropping a miniature wheat field in Peter's yard) about submitting his inventions to a television show. 1992

What a Piece of Work I Am: A Confabulation      RC 41170
Peter Leroy tells the story of the imaginary sister of his imaginary childhood friend. Ariane helps Peter's grandfather with his dying wife and tries to understand the couple's devotion. Later, Ariane turns herself into a performance piece for paying audiences and eventually for herself. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1994

At Home with the Glynns: The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy (Continued)      RC 42994
Peter Leroy, almost twelve, is captivated by the twin daughters of the neighboring Glynns, but his first task is to gain the confidence of their bohemian parents, an artist and a poet. Peter's involvement in art heightens both his aesthetic and sexual awareness. Descriptions of sex. 1995

Leaving Small's Hotel     RC 48458
Peter Leroy and his wife Albertine's ownership of Small's Hotel is in jeopardy. Their latest scheme to save the inn involves nightly readings from Peter's memoirs for their guests. Soon the listeners begin finding ways they can fit into the plan. Some strong language. 1998

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