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Response messages

When you send a request for a Web page, the server (computer) being addressed returns a response to your computer. When the server can find and send the file, your computer simply waits for the requested page to arrive. When there is a problem, the server sends a response that can result in your browser displaying a page meant to explain why the requested page cannot be sent to you.

In this part of the NLS site are kept customized pages returned to those who request pages that cannot be provided. The most common reason is that the page cannot be found, also known as a "404" or "not found" response. Other error messages relate to malformed addresses (error 400, bad request), to access for files that require a user id and password (error 403, forbidden) or to problems the Web server is experiencing (error 500, internal server error).

Link to the NLS 400 response page.

Link to the NLS 403 response page.

Link to the NLS 404 response page.

Link to the NLS 500 response page.

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Posted on February 17, 2004