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Public Interest Partners

Building a Coalition of Grassroots Advocacy Organizations that Support Environmental Health Research

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The NIEHS director and his staff meet periodically with the Public Interest Partners to seek input and improve communications with communities and organizations directly affected by the mission and the research of the NIEHS.

Public Interest Partner members represent:

  • disease and patient advocacy groups for diseases such as asthma and other lung diseases, breast cancer, prostate cancer, Parkinson's Disease, birth defects, autism, lupus, and others
  • at-risk groups who may be particularly susceptible to environmental effects such as children, women, and under-served communities
  • environmentalist groups

Working with the Public Interest Partners allows the NIEHS to learn more about the priorities of these organizations, and helps to shape the institute’s research agenda. In turn, these organizations learn about the NIEHS research enterprise and about the other partner organizations. As a group, the Public Interest Partners are a powerful voice for environmental health issues.


John Schelp
Office of Science Policy

Tel (919) 541-5723

NIEHS Public Interest Partners

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