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"Asiatic sailors are very bitter toward Pearl Harbor for getting caught so neatly after they had been on alert for so long. They ask me, as if I was personally responsible, 'What in hell were you people doing back there anyway, to be caught that way?' Incredible!" Memoirs, page 22

   Donald Patrick Finn
Image of Donald Patrick Finn
Graduating Class 13-29 Aviation Mechanics School, N.T.S. Norfolk, VA Nov. 1940. [detail]
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: Navy
Unit: VP-22 (Patrol Squadron), Pacific Fleet
Service Location: Pacific Theater; Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Rank: Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate
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By the end of World War II, Donald Patrick Finn, who served in the Navy in the Pacific Theater, could say he nearly saw it all. He was stationed in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He would serve as an aviation machinist and a gunner in Australia, Bali, the Dutch East Indies, and in the Aleutian Islands. He kept a diary and wrote letters to his sister in which he recorded detailed descriptions of his travels as well as pointed comments about military life, his comrades, and servicemen from other countries.

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Reflections on war and his service. (03:17) Surviving a plane crash into the water. (03:19) On leave during wartime to see his family. (02:16)
Flying with a future military VIP. (00:34)  
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Separation Document Correspondence Presidential Unit Citation 
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To Helen [n.d.] To Helen [04/20/41] To Helen [05/21/41]
To Helen [06/19/41] To Helen [09/26/41] To Helen [10/20/41]
To Helen [11/14/41] To Helen, from Midway [11/22/41] To Helen [05/42]
 Other Materials (5 items)
Clipping: Returns From Thick of Trouble [04/30/42] Artifact: U.S.S. Enterprise Patch Artifact: Japanese leaflet
Artifact: 20 Franc note Artifact: Post Card from U.S.S. Enterprise 
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