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PERSONAL AD: "Mrs. Marion Gurfein requests the Captain to Please end the war in a hurry and come on home where he belongs!!" The Goofein Journal, May 26, 1943

   Marion Reh Gurfein
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Marion and Marjorie Gurfein
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Status: Civilian
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When Marion Gurfein wrote to her husband Joe during his tours of duty in World War II and Korea, she sent him something more than letters. She created a mock newspaper, The Goofein Journal, which she hand-lettered on card stock. The Journal contained banner headlines, illustrations, photos, and "news" stories recording family events and a "social column" which kept track of their friends' whereabouts. Complementing Marion's view from the home front are Joe Gurfein's memoirs about his 26 years with the Army Corps of Engineers.

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 Creative Works
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 Personal Correspondence
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 Video (Interview Excerpts) (9 items)
Keeping up spirits through times of separation. (01:23) Putting her foot down when Vietnam calls. (01:44) Joe off to Korea; Marion alone with two children. (02:40)
Joe's emotional homecoming. (02:32) Saying goodbye to Joe; a road trip adventure. (04:20) Her prewar life as a military wife. (01:07)
Nightmares of bombing; wartime shortages. (02:26) Three daily mail deliveries; telegrams from Joe. (02:50) Writing her husband every day; consoling other wives. (00:51)
 Memoirs (2 items)
Memoirs: "You Built It- You Drive It Across" More Bridges Crossed 
 Personal Correspondence (18 items)
"This Valentine Went ..." Card "Happy Birthday Again..." Card "Anniversaries are Such Wonderful Things..." Card
"Merry Christmas..." Card "Magic Potions..." Christmas Card "When I First Heard..." Card
"Three ... Goofein Hearts" Card "You've seen your share of Arabs …" [n.d.] Card "We've asked you to come home …" [n.d.] Card
"I'm a 'Lass and a Lack'..." Card Valentines Day Card [n.d.] "Congrats To the New C.O." Card
"Airborne Kisses..." Card "Pin-Up Girl..." Card Gremlin Poem
"D-Day Stands for..." Card "Monkey's Uncle" Card "Dear Daddy..." Card
 Other Materials (3 items)
Poems: "Just Between Friends" Poem: "The Mail Situation" [1942] Poem: "Goofy Gremlins"
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