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"I wasn't as cocky. It was a pain to go back into battle." (Video Interview, 24:58)

   Harold Augustus Lippard
Image of Harold Augustus Lippard
Harold Lippard, 2004
War: World War II, 1939-1946; Korean War, 1950-1955
Branch: Navy
Unit: USS Franklin (CV 13)
Service Location: Pacific Theater; Pensacola, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia; Philippines; Pacific Theater
Rank: Hospital Corpsman First Class
Place of Birth: Statesville, NC
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He had never been aboard a boat bigger than a rowboat, so when North Carolina farm boy Harold Lippard boarded the huge aircraft carrier Franklin, he might be expected to be awed. Still, Lippard called on his training and kept his composure amid one of the worst catastrophes in U.S. Naval history, when a kamikaze plane dropped two huge bombs on the Franklin on March 19, 1945. Even after he was blown overboard by an explosion, Lippard continued to bring aid and comfort to his fellow sailors.

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Home » Harold Augustus Lippard
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  May 29, 2007
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