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"Let courage be your password, make fortitude your guide / And then instead of grousing, remember those who died." (Memoir, page 51)

   Milton W. Stern
Image of Milton W. Stern
Milton Stern as a cadet. [detail]
War: World War II, 1939-1946
Branch: Army Air Forces/Corps
Unit: 381st Bomb Group
Service Location: Ridgewell Air Force Base, England
Rank: Major
POW: Yes
Place of Birth: Buffalo, NY
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Shot down over Holland in March 1944, navigator Milton Stern was sheltered by Dutch partisans for 10 weeks before being captured and sent to a German prison camp. There he recorded lists of German rations by weight and composed poems to keep up his spirits. Later in the war, he helped "liberate" a shipment of Red Cross parcels that civilians working near the camp were hoarding, gorging himself on the contents in anticipation of his own liberation by the Allies.

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»"Kriegie Memoirs of 1944-1945," POW journal
 Personal Correspondence
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 Other Materials
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 Personal Correspondence (6 items)
From Martin J. G. Hols to J. J. Pearce [September 9, 1980] From Pax Sherwood to Milton Stern [11 February 1988] To Martin J. G. Hols [February 15, 1988]
To Martin Hols [March 23, 1988] To D. S. Drijver [August 9, 1997] To Mr. Stein [March 8, 1988]
 Other Materials (4 items)
Copy of file card at Stalag Luft I Statement in support of disability claim "For You the War Is Over," poem from the Kriegie Diary
"Combat" and "Thanks for the memories," poems from the Kriegie Diary  
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  May 29, 2007
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