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  BHPr Performance Management
    Due Dates
    Data Collected and Reports
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07/30/2008 07:52 AM
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07/30/2008 07:52 AM

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  BHPr Final Report
  What is the BHPr Final Report? When is mine due? What if I have requested a no-cost extension?

The final report collects program-specific goals, core performance measurement data, grantee objectives and accomplishments, barriers encountered, and responses to summary questions regarding the grantee's overall experiences over the entire project period.

All BHPr grantees are required to submit a final report on-line through the HRSA Electronic HandBooks within 90 days after the project period ends.

If you have requested a no-cost extension, until the no-cost extension has been approved and the due dates are reflected in the electronic management system, you will still be expected to submit a final report. Requesting an extension does not eliminate reporting requirements.

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