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Surveillance and Broadcast Services, Western Service Area (WSA)


The Surveillance and Broadcast Services, WSA team provides critical support to the National Surveillance and Broadcast Office for oversight and management of all team activities for the Western Service Area to include ADS-B implementation and the legacy Capstone projects, budgeting and planning activities.

WSA is also tasked with developing a transition strategy for Legacy Ground Based Transceivers (GBT’s) in Alaska by 2010 with the National ADS-B contract vendor, ITT, while developing and providing Wide Area Multilateration Services in Juneau, Alaska and Colorado.

What happened to the Capstone Program and web site?

The Capstone Program was a joint industry and FAA Alaskan Region effort to improve aviation safety and efficiency in the state. Under the Capstone Program, the FAA provided avionics equipment for aircraft and the supporting ground infrastructure. The Capstone Program operated from 1999 to 2006.

In December 2006, the FAA announced that it would integrate the Capstone Program into the FAA’s Surveillance and Broadcast Services (SBS) program office, tasked with implementing Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) across the National Airspace System (NAS). The consolidation was intended to streamline national ADS-B activities and make them more cost-effective. It was also intended to accrue safety benefits for Alaska more quickly by accelerating the deployment of ADS-B technologies. The integration took place in January 2007 and the Alaska office is now called the SBS Western Service Area office.

In Alaska the WSA team continues to work collectively with the Alaska aviation industry in a manner consistent with future NAS plans in an effort to accelerate ADS-B benefits and encourage early self equipage of owner/operator aircraft.

The Legacy Capstone documents & reports and Industry Council minutes/presentations will still reside here on the Surveillance and Broadcast Services WSA web page, as well as new developments in the Western Service Area.

Note to Pilots:  Attention VFR Pilots equipped with Capstone avionics or self-equipped with GDL 90; please file your hexadecimal code in the remarks section of your VFR flight plan. This could possibly aid in location of your aircraft in a search and rescue operation.

SBS/WSA Components

For more detailed documentation about Capstone, view our Frequently Asked Questions (2006), and Reports.

Surveillance Broadcast Services
SBS/WSA Project Office

  • Jere Hayslett - SBS/Capstone Project Manager (FAA)
  • Stacy Portlock - Communications Specialist/Outreach Coordinator (Contractor)
  • Ben Amos - Systems Engineer (Contractor)
  • Dee Gore - Project Administrator (Contractor)
  • Tina Matney - Program Analyst (Contractor)
  • Erin Orr - Financial Analyst (Contractor)

ZAN (a/k/a Anchorage ARTCC)
SBS/Capstone Project Office

  • Wes Mooty - Technical Project Manager (FAA)
  • Jim Hill - Operations Project Manager (FAA)
  • John Ament - Sr. Systems Engineer (Contractor)
  • Carl Gleason - Sr. Systems Engineer (Contractor)

SBS/WSA Project Office

  • Jimmy Wright (Contractor) - Sr. Systems Engineer

WSA Address:

Federal Aviation Administration
222 West 7th Avenue, #14
SBS/Capstone Project Office (AJE-6A)
Anchorage, AK 99513

ZAN Address:

Anchorage ARTCC
700 North Boniface Pkwy.
SBS/Capstone Project Office (AJE-6B)
Anchorage, AK 99506

Juneau Address:

Juneau International Airport
1873 Shell Simmons Drive, #110
Juneau, AK 99801


  • Wes Mooty - (907) 269-1156
  • Jim Hill - (907) 269-2573
  • Jere Hayslett - (907) 271-5782
  • Jimmy Wright - (907) 790-7316
  • Stacy Portlock - (907) 271-1675
  • John Ament - (907) 269-1881
  • Dee Gore - (907) 271-5780
  • Ben Amos - (907) 271-3355
  • Tina Matney - (907) 271-4876
  • Carl Gleason - (907) 269-1883
  • Erin Orr - (907) 271-5404

Updated: 1:07 pm ET March 26, 2008