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Film files on the America's Story website are offered in two formats, RealAudio and MPEG. Both formats require special players.

MPEG Format
America's Story's highest-quality film files are presented in the .mpg (Motion Picture Experts Group) format. Films presented in .mpg format (pronounced "em-peg") are higher resolution and better quality than the equivalent RealMedia versions. To view films in the .mpg format, you should have a relatively high-speed computer (such as a Pentium 90 (or better) with a PCI or AGP graphics card and .mpg playback software, or a PowerMac with .mpg playback software).

An MPEG-1 video playback board or hardware-assisted playback may increase the playback performance of MPEG movies, but it is not necessary for modern computers. The average file size for the .mpg format is about nine megabytes (9MB) for each minute of film.

MPEG Player Suggestions:
Windows 3.1, 95 -
VMPEG 1.7 Lite
Windows NT, Windows 95 and later - Windows Media Player or QuickTime
Macintosh PowerPC - QuickTime or Windows Media Player (beta version)

Additional player information is available from

Real Media (.rm)
American Memory film collections will add this format, one collection at a time. Real Media allows viewing of the film as it arrives at the user's computer, eliminating the need to download the film completely before viewing. Real Media format is especially useful for computers with slower Internet connections, such as a 28.8 modem. Video playback is slower (3-6 frames per second) and may be affected by Internet traffic.

You can download the RealPlayer for Windows or Macintosh at This player will also play RealAudio sound files.

Download Real Video Player

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