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VFC Operations Guide

This Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Operations Guide is the first update of the guide since 2002. Since the VFC program became operational in 1994, the budget for this program has risen steadily, and in the year 2007 it is nearing $3 billion. As program costs rise, so does the need to ensure that all aspects of the program are being implemented appropriately. The content of the guide has been updated and significant changes have been made in many areas of the VFC program, including provider enrollment, vaccine management and fraud and abuse.

Vaccines for Children Operations Guide cover image.

VFC Operations Guide

The VFC Operations Guide can be downloaded in 2 ways: 

  1. entire guide in 2 files (chapters and appendices) or
  2. separate files for each section (each chapter and appendix in a separate file).


Download entire guide in 2 sections:


Download entire guide section by section (separate chapters and appendices):

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Requirements Due Dates At a Glance
Questions and Answers
Module 1 - Overview
Module 2 - Eligibility
Module 3 - Provider Recruitment and Enrollment
Module 4 - ACIP and VFC Vaccine
Module 5 - Expanding the Reach of VFC and AFIX through Marketing and Collaboration
Module 6 - Vaccine Management
Module 7 - VACMAN
Module 8 - Vaccine Accountability
Module 9 - Quality Assurance
Module 10 - Fraud and Abuse
Module 11 - Evaluation
Module 12 - Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Plan
Appendix 1 - Program for distribution of pediatric vaccines
Appendix 2 - Provider Profile - Vaccines for Children Program
Appendix 3 - (forms)

Patient Eligibility Screening Record - Vaccines for Children Program,
Comprehensive Certification Form for American Indians and Alaska Natives,
Comprehensive Certification Form for Children Who Are Enrolled in Medicaid,
Patient Eligibility Screening Record - Vaccines for Children Program in Family Planning Clinics,
Family Planning Clinic - Unaccompanied Minor without Insurance Information VFC Vaccine Log
Border State Memorandum of Understanding – VFC

Appendix 4 - Maximum Regional Charges for Vaccine Administration By State
Appendix 5 - Emergency Response Plan (Sample)
Appendix 6 - (forms)
Protocol for Assessing VFC Eligibility Screening, Definitions of Site Visits
Appendix 7 - Sample VFC Provider Feedback Survey (form)
Appendix 8 - CMS Policy Letter to State Medicaid Officials
Appendix 9 - Immunization/SCHIP Interagency Agreement

If you have questions about the VFC Operations Guide, please contact Nancy Fenlon.

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