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Our Governance
The Clinical Center's unique and valuable contribution to the healthcare sector rests in its ability to respond quickly and creatively to ever-changing and growing clinical research needs. Strides in medical technologies, imaging sciences and molecular research require an adaptable, flexible facility and organization for scientific investigation and exploration. The responsive, articulate cooperative interactions of its governing and advisory bodies enable the Clinical Center to better meet and respond to the demands and challenges of the clinical research world.

Advisory Board for Clinical Research National Institutes of Health
Clinical Center governance changed in FY 2004, as part of an effort to promote the NIH intramural program as a model for interdisciplinary research. As recommended by the NIH Director's Blue Ribbon Panel on the Future of Intramural Clinical Research, the former Clinical Center Board of Governors assumed a new and larger identity, becoming the NIH Advisory Board for Clinical Research. The Board will oversee all intramural clinical research, while continuing its oversight of Clinical Center resources, planning and operations.

Board of Scientific Counselors
The purpose of this group is to secure unbiased and objective evaluations of the intramural research programs and work of individual scientists. Expert scientists from outside NIH participate as members of this review group. The Board of Scientific Counselors of the Clinical Center was established in October 1990. The Board advises the NIH director, NIH deputy director for intramural research and the Clinical Center director regarding the organization's intramural clinical research programs though periodic visits to the laboratories to assess the research, progress, evaluation, productivity, and performance of staff scientists.

Medical Executive Committee
This committee serves to advise the Clinical Center director on the clinical aspects of operations and develops policies governing medical care standards in the Clinical Center. Membership, is composed of clinical directors from each NIH institute and other senior clinical and administrative representatives. The group meets twice a month.

Patient Advisory Group
Members of this group serve as informal advisors to the Clinical Center director regarding issues of concern to patients. Former and current patients may be nominated for membership by NIH institute directors. The Patient Advisory Group was originally convened in 1998 to facilitate planning for the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center.

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