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Welcome to the OER Animals in Research Web Site
The Nation’s source for the latest news, policies, education, training,
and information on animals in research

This is an exciting time for medical research. Every day, NIH-funded scientists make advances that will lead to safe and useful drugs, therapies, and cures. These advances are due to many different kinds of research, from the laboratory bench, to computers, to animals - including testing in humans. What we have learned, and continue to learn through research with animals, improves both human and animal health.

This Web site provides information reflecting the important role of animals in research and their contributions to the improvement of health and quality of life for both humans and animals. Our goal is to provide key information to the researchers who work daily to improve the Nation’s health, and to the public we serve. Please check back frequently for additions and improvements to this site, and thank you for visiting.

Be Prepared
Dog Days of Science

Dog Days of Science
In 1996, Gordon Lark said good-bye to a beloved friend.

His dog Georgie died of an autoimmune disorder that had turned the animal’s body against itself.

Lark knew he would dearly miss his pet, but what he didn’t know was that Georgie’s passing would spawn a unique partnership between dogs and people: one that may one day find a treatment for the disease that took her life.


Information for:

  • Researchers and Institutions - Find information on how to prepare for and manage crises, policy & guidance, grants resources, funding opportunities, and training and education
  • General Public - Learn about the basics of medical research with animals, alternatives to research with animals, stories of animals in action, animal welfare, and information for students and educators
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Find answers to your questions about animals in medical research
Arrow See the NIH fact sheet on the benefits of animals in research.

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