Electoral College: The Debate Continues

In the wake of the Presidential election of 2000, the value of the Electoral College has been questioned and debated. Does the Founding Fathers’ vision still apply today, or should this system be reevaluated? On May 21, 2008 the National Archives Experience presented a program examining this important and timely topic.

Electoral College: The Debate Continues

Raymond Mosley

Part I: Introduction and The Role of the Federal Register
Archivist Allen Weinstein offers opening remarks, and Raymond Mosley, Director of the Office of the Federal Register (pictured), discusses how this office coordinates the functions of the Electoral College.

David Broder

Part II: Panel Discussion
Journalist David Broder(pictured) moderates a distinguished panel representing both sides of the issue. Panelists include Judith Best, political science professor at the State University of New York, Cortland, and author of The Choice of the People? Debating the Electoral College; George Edwards III, political science professor at Texas A & M University and author of Why the Electoral College is Bad for America; Gordon Wood, professor of history at Brown University; Ed Goeas, president and CEO of The Terrance Group; and Mark Mellman, president and CEO of The Mellman Group.