IHTSDO Announces New SNOMED CT Implementation Group and Affiliate Forum

The International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) http://www.ihtsdo.org encourages SNOMED CT users to become involved in developing the terminology as well as the tools and resources needed to use it effectively. To this end the IHTSDO is developing two new groups:

Space has been created on the IHTSDO Collaborative Space to facilitate communication with and among group members. For more information or to join these new groups send an e-mail to support@ihtsdo.org indicating your interest.

NLM encourages interested U.S. stakeholders to take advantage of this opportunity to work with international collaborators to improve the content and use of this important standard terminology.


Last reviewed: 09 December 2008
Last updated: 09 December 2008
First published: 09 December 2008
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