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Professional Development

Learn about professional development opportunities around the country and research opportunities at NIEHS

Scientist working in lab
Keyword Description Grade Level
Employment  Work, Learn, Discover (/health/docs/work-learn-discover.pdf) Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (2.8MB)
          9-12 12+

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Summer Research
Keyword Description Grade Level
Research  Summers of Discovery (/careers/research/index.cfm)
Description: Participants, who apply for and are accepted into the program, are expected to spend between 8 to 12 weeks (during May through September) working on a research project that entails exposure to the latest biochemical, molecular, and analytical techniques in that field.
Participants: For high school, college undergraduate and graduates students interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical/ biological sciences.
Location: NIEHS in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.
          9-12 12+

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Keyword Description Grade Level
Training  Baylor College of Medicine: Center for Educational Outreach ( Exit NIEHS My World and My World and Me workshops are held locally and nationally to assist teachers in using these educational materials. Baylor College of Medicine workshop participants earn CPE Approved Professional Development Hours. For information on current workshops, visit ( NIEHS
Training  Life Sciences Learning Center - Workshops ( Exit NIEHS
Description: LSLC professional development workshops are offered on a variety of topics and give educators experience with cutting-edge science technologies. These 6 hour hands-on workshops also provide teachers with innovative instructional materials that are aligned with New York State Math, Science and Technology (MST) standards, as well as National Science Education Standards.
Participants: Middle and High School Teachers
Location: Rochester, New York, USA.
     5-8 9-12 12+
Training  Texas A&M's Integrative Curriculum Workshops for Middle School Teachers ( Exit NIEHS
Description: The Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health at Texas A&M offers an extensive series of one- and two-day, free summer workshops throughout Texas. Workshops consist of professional teacher training in technology and integration of environmental health science into science, math, English, and social studies in grades 6-8. Integrative materials include a written adventure narrative in which the characters (young teenagers) travel to different parts of the world to solve various health problems.
Participants: Workshops are offered to individual teachers or teams of 2-4 teachers from the same school representing these different subject areas.
Location: Texas, USA.
Training  University of Texas's Annual Environmental Health Sciences Institute for K-12 Educators ( Exit NIEHS
Description: This free summer program offers an extensive variety of workshops for K-12 educators, pursuing the connections between health and the environment. Learn how to help students use scientific inquiry to develop an understanding of the mechanisms that affect the environment and our health. K-12 curricular materials will be featured from a network of institutions nationwide focusing on cancer, genetics, cell biology, indoor and outdoor air pollution, lead poisoning, water quality and toxicology. All workshops are facilitated by educators, scientists, and classroom teachers.
Participants: Middle and High School Teachers
Location: Austin, Texas, USA.
K-4 5-8 9-12 12+

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