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Declaration of Independence
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A Multitude of Amendments, Alterations and Additions
Appendix C

Newspaper Publications of the Declaration of Independence

Prior to 19 July 1776

6 July Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Evening Post

8 July Philadelphia, Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet

9 July Philadelphia, Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote

9 July Baltimore, Dunlap's Maryland Gazette

10 July Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gazette

10 July Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Journal

10 July Baltimore, Maryland Journal

10 July New York, Constitutional Gazette

11 July New York Packet

11 July New York Journal

11 July Annapolis, Maryland Gazette

12 July New London, Connecticut Gazette

13 July Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ledger

13 July Providence Gazette

15 July New York Gazette

15 July Hartford, Connecticut Courant

15 July Norwich Packet

16 July Exeter, New Hampshire Gazette, Extraordinary

16 July Salem, American Gazette

17 July Worcester, Massachusetts Spy

17 July New Haven, Connecticut Journal

18 July Boston, Continental Journal

18 July Boston, New England Chronicle

18 July Newport Mercury, Extraordinary

This list outlines all the publications of the Declaration in colonial newspapers prior to the order for an engrossed copy. Information compiled from Michael J. Walsh, "Contemporary Broadside Editions of the Declaration of Independence." Harvard Library Bulletin 3 (1949): 33-34.


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