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Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation
Cultural Impact


A Multitude of Amendments, Alterations and Additions
Appendix G

*Extant Handwritten Documents Produced during the Constitutional

Convention - Prior to the first Printing

1. Randolph Plan or Virginia Plan

-Handwritten copies exist from:

i. David Brearly

ii. James Madison

iii. James McHenry

iv. George Washington

2. Pinckney Plan

Summary Outline and Document containing abstracts from the original Pinckney Plan in James Wilson's hand, Pennsylvania Historical Society

3. New Jersey Plan

i. David Brearly

ii. James Madison

iii. Luther Martin

iv. George Washington

v. William Paterson [2 distinct documents]

4. Hamilton Plan

According to Jameson:

i. Alexander Hamilton

ii. David Brearly

iii. George Read

iv. James Madison

v. William Paterson

vi. Robert Yates

According to Jensen

i. Rufus King

ii. John Lansing, Jr.

iii. James Madison

iv. Robert Yates

5. Drafts of the Constitution

James Wilson's first and second draft of the Constitution are located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

* Independence National Historical Park is compiling a list of locations for all extant handwritten documents


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