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TSA Expands Popular Family Lanes to Every Airport in America

Specially Designated "Green" Lane for Passengers with Larger, Medically Necessary Liquids as Well

Press Release

November 10, 2008

Media Contact:
TSA Public Affairs (571) 227-2829

WASHINGTON – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced the expansion of its popular family lane concept to every security checkpoint in America. This expansion comes weeks before the busy Thanksgiving travel season and will be complete by Thursday, Nov. 20.

The lanes, part of TSA's Diamond Self-Select program currently at 48 airports, allow families, individuals unfamiliar with air travel procedures and travelers with special needs to go through security at their own pace. Individuals carrying medically necessary liquids, aerosols and gels in excess of three ounces will also be directed to these popular lanes. Individuals traveling with liquids, gels and aerosols within 3-1-1 limits will experience no change to their screening procedures.

The introduction of lanes that will serve as both family lanes and dedicated lanes for passengers carrying medically necessary liquids strengthens TSA efforts to build a network of technology to detect liquid explosives.

"Passengers have clearly demonstrated their preference to go at their own pace," said TSA Administrator Kip Hawley. "Expanding these lanes to every airport and directing families and passengers with medically necessary liquids to them, increases passenger convenience and security."

Officers manning these dedicated family lanes will use their training and explosive detection technologies to work with passengers to quickly and efficiently complete the screening process. Individuals traveling with medically necessary liquids, gels and aerosols like baby formula, insulin, cough syrup, contact lens solution and prescription medications will undergo additional screening that will usually take less than two minutes to ensure these items do not pose a threat.

Liquid explosives are still a relevant security concern. Restrictions on quantities of liquids, gels and aerosols carried onboard aircraft were implemented in August 2006. Technological innovations will allow a review of current procedures by the Fall of 2009. For more information on checkpoint security, please visit