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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program


Archives for 2002-2008

FACE photo collage.



05MI084 Worker Dies in Trench Collapse 11/18
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06MI205 Farmer Dies Leading Heifer Toward a Loading Chute to a Livestock Trailer 10/01
06MI185 Truck Driver Electrocuted When Raised Long-Bed Dump Trailer Contacted 4,800-Volt Overhead Power Line 10/01
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05MI065 Hispanic Brick Mason Electrocuted When Rerod Contacts Powerline 09/24
05MI060 Golf Course Worker Dies After Being Pinned Under an Overturned Tee Box Mower 09/24
06MA059 Carpenter Dies from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning while Using a Gasoline Powered Generator Inside a Construction-site Storage Container - Massachusetts 09/04
04MI074 Millwright Dies When Struck by Uncontrolled, Flailing Crane Cable 09/04
03MI005 Worker Dies As a Result of Being Struck and Pinned Between Two Vehicles While Repairing Potholes 09/04
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2007-06 Hispanic Construction Worker Dies While Operating Ride-On Roller/Compactor - South Carolina 07/30
06MI174 Hispanic Laborer Dies as a Result of a Trench Collapse 07/30
07MI011 Career Fire Fighter Dies After Ejection From His Fire Engine When It was Struck By a Vehicle 07/22
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07MI136 Hotel Assistant Manager Dies Due to a Fall from a Ladder During Installation of Wood Trim 06/26
07MI079 Housekeeper Died From Complications Sustained After Falling Down Residential Stairs 06/26
05MA035 A Machine Operator Dies after Becoming Caught in a Computer Numerical Controlled Vertical Milling Machine - Massachusetts 06/26
07MI024 Pipefitter/Project Foreman Died When Struck by Ruptured Sewer Pipe/Mechanical Plug 06/02
07CA006 A Hispanic Welder Died when the Diesel Fuel Tank He was Welding Exploded 06/02
06MI188 Welder Dies During Welding Repair Inside of Cargo Tank Compartment 06/02
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07CA003 A packer in a manufacturing facility dies when he is struck by a pipe that rolled off a storage rack. 04/30
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06KY079 Dump Truck Driver Dies After Being Entangled In Power-Take-Off Drive Shaft 03/19
07KY008 Hispanic Carpenter Dies After Falling From Homemade Platform 03/10
05KY008 Male Semi-Truck Driver Killed In Rollover Crash On County Road 03/10
07MI013 Construction Foreman Dies from Fall While Climbing the Tower of a Hydromobile Scaffold 03/06
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06MI135 Unrestrained Custom Spray Applicator Died When Ejected From a Self-Propelled Sprayer After Sprayer Struck an Oncoming Semi-Truck Trailer 02/28
06OR025 Ranch Worker Killed by Pressurized Water Striking Eye 02/28
05OR043 Mill Worker Killed by Flying Chunk of Wood from Chipper 02/28
06MA027 A Municipal Worker Struck by a Motor Vehicle While Patching a Pothole - Massachusetts 02/25
05OR039 Logging Worker Killed While Riding on Step of Skidder 02/25
07CA004 A Boat Repairman Dies From Burns Received From a Fire Caused by an Exploding Battery 02/11
06MI204 Security Guard Died as a Result of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 02/11
05MA038 Window Washer is Pulled Off a Roof and Falls 53 Feet when the Rolling Roof Outrigger to which His Lifeline was Attached Rolls Off the Roof - Massachusetts 02/11
07MI007 Carpenter Dies After Fall From a Ladder That Slipped From Its Base While Positioned on Frozen Sand 02/04
06MI207 Apprentice Lineman Dies When the Vibratory Plow He was Operating Struck a High Pressure Natural Gas Line 02/04
06MI201 Journeyman Pipefitter Dies When Struck in Chest While Removing Vic Fitting End Cap From a Pressurized Pipe 02/04
06MI193 Field Technician Dies When Struck By Geofoam Block 02/04
05MI077 Race Car Fuel Dispenser Operator Killed when Methanol Tank Exploded 02/04
05KY001 Emergency Roadside Technician Dies When Struck by a Single-Unit Truck on an Interstate Shoulder 02/04
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05MA018 Temporary Laborer was Fatally Injured when Caught between an Idler Pulley and Conveyor Belt at a Recycling Facility - Massachusetts 01/09
04MA043 Airport Ramp Worker Dies after Being Struck by a Deicing Truck - Massachusetts 01/09
04MA002 Assistant Supervisor Dies while Releasing a Jammed Product from a Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Massachusetts 01/09
03MA2NF Four Hotel Maintenance Workers Exposed to Excessive Levels of Carbon Monoxide in Boiler Room- Massachusetts 01/09
99MA026 Massachusetts Bakery Worker Fatally Injured in a Fall from a Stepladder 01/09
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December 2007

06KY057 Dump Truck Driver Dies After His Vehicle was Struck by A Train - Kentucky 12/21
07CA002 A Hispanic Laborer Dies When a Stack of Paper Bales Collapses Onto Him - California 12/07
05MA059 Worker Killed When Crushed By Multiple Granite Slabs - Massachusetts 12/07

November 2007

04IA021 Farmer Run Over by Tractor and Rotary Cutter - Iowa 11/29
06CA008 A Hotel Maintenance Worker Died From Injuries Received From an Electrical Flash - California 11/28
06CA006 A Machine Operator Died When Caught in the Threads Being Wound onto the Take-up Spool of a Warping Machine - California 11/28
06CA005 A Hispanic Machine Operator Died When Struck in The Abdomen By a Piece of Acrylic Being Milled on a Vertical Milling Machine - California 11/28
06IA007 Farmer Attacked and Killed by Dairy Bull - Iowa 11/28
04MA006 Worker Killed when Caught Inside a Palletizer Hoist Area - Massachusetts 11/28
06NJ063 Worker Pinned Between Forklift and Boom Truck in Industrial Yard - New Jersey 11/28
07CA001 A Laborer Dies in a Street Work Zone after Being Backed Over by a Dump Truck - California 11/13
06CA007 An Electrician Was Electrocuted While Repairing a Lighting Circuit - California 11/13
06MI209 Heavy Equipment Operator Dies After Being Pinned Between the Boom and Cab of an Excavator - Michigan 11/13
06MI004 29-Year Old Male Hispanic Landscape Laborer Dies When Nine Foot Deep Trench Collapses - Michigan 11/13
05MI026 Tow Truck Operator Pinned Under Sport Utility Vehicle When Working Under It - Michigan 11/13
05IA042 Handyman Plumber Asphyxiated in Entry into Water Service Manhole Vault - Iowa 11/01

October 2007

06CA004 A Heavy Equipment Mechanic Died When a Scraper Tire Exploded - California 10/31
06MI068 Surveyor Dies When Struck by Oncoming Vehicle - Michigan 10/31
06MI009 Machine Operator Dies After Being Struck by a Shredder Grate During Shredding Machine Maintenance - Michigan 10/31
05MI123 Truck Driver Dies When Straw Bales Fall Off Truck and Strike Him - Michigan 10/31
Two 10th Grade Students Injured in Separate Incidents in the Same Mill/Carpentry Vocational School Shop - Massachusetts 10/29
05IA075 Farmer Fatally Injured in Tractor Posthole Auger Entanglement - Iowa 10/23
05IA027 Farmer Killed When Raised Front-end Loader Bucket Attachment Falls - Iowa 10/23
05IA004 Part-time Metal Salvager Died when Crushed in Tractor Overturn with Loader - Iowa 10/23
05IA002 Farmer Pitched from Cart that Tipped while Being Unloaded by Grain Vacuum - Iowa 10/23
06NY001 Worker Crushed by a Crate of Glass at a Residential Construction - New York 10/22
2005-08 Highway Construction Supervisor Dies After Being Backed Over By a Water Truck - South Carolina 10/15
05IA034 Farmer Crushed Against Tractor Tire by Gravity Flow Wagon Box while Unhitching - Iowa 10/15
06OR003 Novice Drywall Installer Dies in 7-foot Fall from Scaffold - Oregon 10/15
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September 2007

06MI117 Male Siding Installer Dies After Falling From a Roof While Installing a J Channel on a Dormer - Michigan 09/25
06MI066 Logger Killed When Struck By Lodged Tree That Fell - Michigan 09/25
06MI007 Forklift Driver Pinned Under an Overturned Forklift Dies - Michigan 09/25
06MI006 Truck Driver Killed After Falling Through Unprotected Skylight - Michigan 09/25
2007-02 Laborer Dies When Backed Over by a TAC Truck in Residential Roadway Construction Work Zone - North Carolina 09/18
06OR006 Worker Killed When Jacket Pocket Activated Machinery - Oregon 09/18
04OR002 Mechanic Dies from Lack of Oxygen in Transport Tank - Oregon 09/18

August 2007

2005-04 Hispanic Laborer Dies After Footing Collapse - North Carolina 08/22
02IA031 Two Sewer Pipe Relining Workers Killed by Toxic Sewer Gas - Iowa 08/21
2006-04 Migrant Farm Worker Dies From Heat Stroke While Working on a Tobacco Farm - North Carolina 08/13

July 2007

2006-05 Equipment Operator Dies From Burns After a Hydraulic Line Burst on a Bulldozer and Sprayed Hydraulic Fluid Across the Exhaust Manifold – Tennessee 07/25
2007-03 Company Owner Dies From Fall After Upper Boom Failure On Aerial Lift - Ohio 07/02
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June 2007

2006-03 Laborer Dies After Being Run Over by a Backing Dump Truck During a Nighttime Paving Project - Virginia 06/29
2007-01 Hispanic Laborer Dies after Falling through a Second Story Floor Opening in a Single Family Home under Construction - North Carolina 06/21
05MA074 Landscaper Dies Inside the Hopper of a Truck Mounted Pneumatic Blower - Massachusetts 06/01
A 17-Year-Old Student Severely Injures Leg on a Construction Site While Working at a Steel Erection Company as Part of a Cooperative Work Experience - Massachusetts 06/01
06OK002 A Carpenter Died after Falling 20 Feet From a Roof - Oklahoma 06/01

May 2007

04CA012 A Forklift Operator Died When He Was Crushed in the Mast of a Forklift - California 05/24
04CA001 A Machine Operator Dies When Crushed Inside a Knitting Machine - California 05/24
05CA008 A Mechanic Died When Crushed by the Lift Bed of a Trash Roll-off Truck - California 05/18
05CA007 An Apprentice Mechanic Died When the Truck Tire He Was Standing Over Exploded - California 05/18
05CA005 A 17-year-old Hispanic Laborer Died when Crushed by Concrete and Stone Castings - California 05/18
06CA003 A Construction Foreman Dies When the Construction Equipment He was Operating Tipped Over on Him - California 05/16
06CA001 A Hispanic Laborer Operating an Overhead Crane Died When He was Crushed Between Two Steel Frames When the Rigging Failed - California 05/16
06NY010 Equipment Operator Killed when Pinned to a Tree by an Excavator - New York 05/16
05NY039 Three Construction Workers Killed after being Struck by a Bus in a Highway Work Zone - New York 05/16
05NJ007 Three Hispanic Acetylene Manufacturing Plant Workers Killed in Explosion - New Jersey 05/07
2006-06 Laborer Dies When a Water Truck Drifts Downhill and Pins Him Against a Retaining Wall - Tennessee 05/03
05MI163 Construction Laborer Dies After Falling from Ladder - Michigan 05/03
05MI095 Municipal Tree Trimmer Dies When Falling Tree Limb Struck Him - Michigan 05/03
05MI089 Retired Teacher/Farmer Dies When Pinned Under Overturned Tractor - Michigan 05/03
05NJ081 Groundman Killed by Falling Tree Section at Tree Removal Operation - New Jersey 05/03
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April 2007

05OR007 Technician Crushed When Aerial Platform Lift Engaged - Oregon 04/23
04OR037 Janitor Using Propane Buffer Killed by Carbon Monoxide - Oregon 04/12
05OK117 A Construction Laborer was Struck in the Head and Killed by a Falling Steel Beam - Oklahoma 04/02
03OR021 Worker Killed in Wood-dust Fire Sparked by Faulty Fuse - Oregon 04/02

March 2007

2006-02 Millwright Killed When Pinned Between the Feed Rolls of a Debarker during Machine Maintenance - South Carolina 03/29
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February 2007

2005-09 Operator Dies From Crushing Injuries After Being Pinned Between a Track Drill Control Console and Exterior Wall of Courthouse - Tennessee 02/27
06OR005 Mechanic Killed when Collar Caught on PTO Driveline - Oregon 02/26
04OR021 Truck Driver Crushed by Front-end Loader in Mill Yard - Oregon 02/26
06CA002 A Machine Operator’s Helper Died When Caught in a Slitting Machine - California 02/26
05OK076 A Utility Cleanup Worker for a Brick Manufacturer Suffocated in a Storage Silo - Oklahoma 02/26
04OK071 A Lumberyard Forklift Operator Died After Being Crushed Between Two Railcar Couplings - Oklahoma 02/26
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January 2007

2006-01 Hispanic Carpenter's Helper Dies after Crane Boom Fell on Him during Disassembly - North Carolina 01/17
2005-10 Traffic Control Supervisor Dies When Struck By An Asphalt Dump Truck While Picking Up Cones on a Roadway Work Zone - Tennessee 01/17
05MI078 Forklift Operator Dies When Head Caught in Lowering Mast - Michigan 01/03
05MI051 Carpenter Dies After He Jumped/Lost Balance From An Unsecured Ladder That Fell Due To A Wind Gust - Michigan 01/03
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November 2006

05NJ090 School Crossing Guard Struck and Killed by a Sport Utility Vehicle - New Jersey 11/27
04IA059 45-Year-Old Cattle Farmer Entangled in Exposed Rotating Conveyor Shaft - Iowa 11/06
05OR038 Window Cleaner Killed in Fall Due to Unsecured Line - Oregon 11/06
05OR018 Temporary Mill Worker Dies in Fall from Tower Catwalk - Oregon 11/06
05WI059 Machine Operator Dies When Struck By Flying Wood Chipper Guard - Wisconsin 11/06
05WI054 Maintenance Worker Dies After Pinned Between Overhead Bridge Crane and Roof Truss - Wisconsin 11/06

October 2006

05CA010 A Hispanic Car Wash Supervisor Died When an Air Tank Exploded in a Car Wash Equipment Room - California 10/11
04MA038 Roofer Electrocuted and Another Severely Shocked When the Aluminum Extension Ladder He was Moving Contacted an Overhead Power Line - Massachusetts 10/11
05MI066 Quality Control Operator Dies After Falling Into Cherry Processing Brine Tank - Michigan 10/11
05OK040 A Gas Well Drilling Floorhand Died When He Was Struck by a Hoisted Wellhead Equipment Stack - Oklahoma 10/11
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September 2006

05OR024 Excavation Worker Killed by Flying Rigging When Hook Fails - Oregon 09/15
04OR052 Logger Killed by Swinging Tree in Yarding Operation - Oregon 09/15
Hispanic Worker Dies After Falling From a Pile of Construction Debris in the Bed of a Trash-Style Body Truck to a Paved Driveway Below - North Carolina 09/08
Hispanic Youth Dies in Densifier at a Plastics Recycling Plant - Tennessee 09/08
03MA066 Watchman Dies After Being Struck by Freight Train While Assisting in Snow Clearing From Train Tracks - Massachusetts 09/08
Owner Of Excavating Company Dies When Excavator Overturns Into Water/Mud of Gravel Pit - Michigan 09/08
05NJ077 Recycling Collector Dies After Falling Under the Wheels of His Truck - New Jersey 09/08
05WI049 Car Carrier Truck Driver Dies When Crushed By Ramp of Car Carrier - Wisconsin 09/08
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August 2006

05CA009 A Construction Elevator Operator Died When He Was Struck by the Counterweights of a Construction Elevator in Motion - California 08/25
05WI001 Hispanic Butcher Dies After Being Struck By Semi-Trailer Gate - Wisconsin 08/25
04WI093 Snow Plow Driver Dies When Caught in Auger of Salt Spreader - Wisconsin 08/25
05MI024 Owner Of Excavating Company Dies When Excavator Overturns Into Water/Mud of Gravel Pit - Michigan 08/18
02MI152 Guardrail Post Pounder Operator Electrocuted When Hammer Boom Contacts Energized Overhead Electrical Line - Michigan 08/18

July 2006

2004-11 Hispanic Laborer on Roadway Construction Work Site Run Over and Killed by a Backing Flat Bed Dump Truck - North Carolina 07/20
05CA011 A Facility Maintenance Mechanic Died When Crushed Between an Overhead Bridge Crane and Light Fixture - California 07/20
05CA002 A Plumber Died When the Trench He Was Working in Collapsed Around Him - California 07/20
04IA060 53-Year-Old Cattle Farmer Entangled in Exposed Rotating Conveyor Shaft - Iowa 07/20
04IA036 Metalworking Shop Owner Crushed Between Skid Steer and Forklift Attachment - Iowa 07/20
04MA005 Two Tow Truck Drivers Killed When Struck in a Highway Breakdown Lane - Massachusetts 07/20
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June 2006

05MI088 69-Year-Old Male Construction Contractor Dies After Falling From Open Folding Chair He Was Standing On - Michigan 06/26
04NE034 Hispanic Laborer Falls With Ladder to Concrete Pad - Nebraska 06/26
02NE028 Concrete Block Truck Operator Struck by Falling Pre-Cast Steps - Nebraska 06/26
02NE017 Farm Supply Store Manager Killed When Engulfed by Corn in Grain Bin - Nebraska 06/26
05OK011 A Plumber Was Killed When a Skid-Steer Loader Tipped Forward and Struck Him in the Head - Oklahoma 06/26
06MN009 Farmer Dies After He Became Caught In The Rollers of A Corn Picker - Minnesota 06/13
05OK038 A Farmer Was Killed While Bypass-Starting His Tractor - Oklahoma 06/13
05OK019 A Farmer Was Killed While Bypass-Starting His Tractor - Oklahoma 06/13
05OK005 A Press Brake Operator Died When He Was Struck by a Steel Lug - Oklahoma 06/13
04OK066 A Forklift Operator Was Killed When His Forklift Was Struck From Behind by a Motor Vehicle - Oklahoma 06/13
2004-05 Four Construction Workers Die after Cantilever Launching Gantry Collapses at Bridge Construction Site - Ohio 06/05
04IA017 12-Year-Old Farm Boy Dies While Hitching Up Hay Wagon - Iowa 06/05
03IA072 Overturn of a Tractor with ROPS Folded Down Kills Operator - Iowa 06/05
05NE028 Hispanic Carpenter Killed When Struck by Piece of Concrete That Fell From Rigging Device During Hoist in Highway Work Zone - Nebraska 06/05
04NE044 Hispanic Carpet Laborer Overcome by Carbon Monoxide Fumes - Nebraska 06/05
05OR028 Bulldozer Movement Kills Operator Standing on Track - Oregon 06/05
04OR023 Ranch Hand Killed by Bulldozer While Logging - Oregon 06/05
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May 2006

04IA006 Farmer Dies When Entangled in Old Flight Elevator PTO Shaft - Iowa 05/22
03IA027 Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tank Rupture Kills Agricultural Cooperative Worker - Iowa 05/15
04MA032 Two Vietnamese Floor Sanders Die When Wood Floor Finish Product Ignites - Massachusetts 05/15
06NE002 Hispanic Asbestos Remover Falls to Death from Ladder - Nebraska 05/15
05OR005 Operator Crushed While Repairing Running Machine - Oregon 05/15
04OR015 Fabricator Killed by Ruptured Hydraulic Press Fitting - Oregon 05/15
05CA004 A Car Wash Attendant Dies When Pulled Into a Side Arm Rotating Brush in a Car Wash - California 05/01
03IA058 Hog Farmer Dies from Asphyxiation after Manure Pit Agitation - Iowa 05/01
05MA044 Floor Sander Dies When Wood Floor Refinish Product Ignites - Massachusetts 05/01
03MA010 Two Window Washers Fall 90 Feet When Their Horizontal Static Line Failed - Massachusetts 05/01
05OR008 Mechanic Killed While Inspecting Masonry Stacker Machine - Oregon 05/01
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April 2006

2005-11 Construction Worker Dies After Being Run Over By a Bulldozer at a Commercial Construction Site - North Carolina 04/17
04MI223 19-Year-Old Female Waitress Died From an Asthma Attack While Working in a Bar - Michigan 04/17
05NY034 Guatemalan Tree-Service Worker Killed When Pulled into Brush Chipper - New York 04/17
05OK024 A Temporary Production Worker Died When He Was Caught in a Tread Scrap Machine - Oklahoma 04/03

March 2006

05NJ003 Worker Killed In A Fall In A Bakery Fermentation Tank - New Jersey 03/16
04OK056 A Heavy Equipment Operator Was Killed When He Was Crushed Between the Lift Arm and the Rollover Protection Cage of a Skid-Steer Loader - Oklahoma 03/16
Young Camp Counselor Killed When Cannon Bursts To Pieces - Oregon 03/16
03WI003 Laborer Dies After Being Struck by Detached Excavator Bucket - Wisconsin 03/16
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February 2006

05MN040 Farmer Dies After Being Engulfed In Corn Inside A Steel Grain Bin - Minnesota 02/27
05NY013 Ironworker Foreman Crushed When Bridge Support Element Broke During Dismantling - New York 02/27
04NY135 Maintenance Mechanic Killed when Improperly Installed Overhead Garage Door Toppled Scissors Lift - New York 02/27
2004-08 A Supervisor Dies When Crushed by a Machine That Manufactures Concrete Blocks - California 02/21
05MN046 Farmer Dies After Being Injured While Attempting To Pull A Machine From A Wet Field - Minnesota 02/21
05CA006 A Supervisor Dies When Crushed by a Machine That Manufactures Concrete Blocks - California 02/03
05CA003 A Helper on a Steel-Slitting Machine Died When Caught in Between Some Sheet Metal and the Rewind Cylinder - California 02/03
04OR007 Nursery Laborer Killed in Skid-Steer Loader - Oregon 02/03
04OR005 Machine Operator Electrocuted While Shoveling Pellets - Oregon 02/03
03OR033 Farm Driver Overturns Truck in Irrigation Ditch and Drowns - Oregon 02/03
03OR029 Operator Killed When Bulldozer Slides Off Logging Road - Oregon 02/03
04WI003 Laborer Dies when Crushed Between Forklift Cage and Mast - Wisconsin 02/03
03WI059 Dairy Farmer Dies 15 Days After All-Terrain Vehicle Rolled Over Him - Wisconsin 02/03
03WI048 Hispanic Laborer Dies After Falling Through Roof of Old Building - Wisconsin 02/03
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January 2006

03MA041 City Equipment Operator Killed when Run Over by a Rotary Riding Mower - Massachusetts 01/24
05MI064 Farmer Pinned Under Left Rear Tire of Industrial Tractor-Loader With Backhoe - Michigan 01/24
05MI046 Lawn Technician Dies When Pinned Between Motorized Spreader Handles and Roof of Work Van - Michigan 01/24
05MI045 Tow Truck Operator Dies When Car Being Driven By Intoxicated Driver Leaves Road and Strikes Him - Michigan 01/24
04MI180 Mill Hand Dies When Drill Was Thrown From Shattered Hardened Steel Tool Extension and Strikes Him In Chest - Michigan 01/24
04MI160 Carpenter Dies When Eight-foot Trench Wall Collapses During Sewer Pipe Replacement - Michigan 01/24
04MI107 Engineering Technician Dies When Backed Over by Cement Mixer - Michigan 01/24
03MN015 Farmer Dies After Being Pinned Beneath The Hopper of a Rock Picker - Minnesota 01/24
03MN008 Farm Worker Dies After Becoming Entangled In A Power-Take-Off Shaft - Minnesota 01/24
02MN027 Farmer Dies From Injuries Sustained After Being Attacked By A Bull - Minnesota 01/24

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December 2005

05CA001 A Backhoe Operator Died When His Backhoe Pinned Him Against a Retaining Wall - California 12/20
04CA009 A Tractor Operator Died When His Tractor Rolled Over on Him - California 12/20
05KY036 Dump Truck Driver Dies After Unintentional Release of Asphalt - Kentucky 12/20
03MA034 Youth Killed while Operating a Forklift at a Plumbing Supply Company - Massachusetts 12/20
03MA030 Crane Operator Killed when Outrigger Sinks into Unstable Soil Causing the Crane to Overturn - Massachusetts 12/20
03MA018 Laborer is Killed When Backed Over by Asphalt Milling Machine - Massachusetts 12/20
03MA006 Vibratory Hammer Operator Killed when Crushed Between a Crane Superstructure and its Left Rear Track - Massachusetts 12/20
05MN036 Farm Youth Dies After Becoming Entangled In the Unloading Beaters of a Forage Wagon - Minnesota 12/20

November 2005

05NE012 Construction Worker Struck by Falling Steel Roof Beam - Nebraska 11/16

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October 2005

04NJ059 Hispanic Factory Worker Dies of Burns After Improperly Testing a 480-Volt Electrical Bus Bar - New Jersey 10/24
03NJ085 Hispanic Construction Worker Killed When Struck by Excavator Bucket - New Jersey 10/24
04OK027 A Driller Died After Falling Through an Opening in the Oil Rig Floor - Oklahoma 10/24
03OR006 Logger Killed by Falling Sheave When Yarder Tower Collapses - Oregon 10/24
2005-06 Hispanic Worker Dies After Falling From a Pile of Construction Debris in the Bed of a Trash-Style Body Truck to a Paved Driveway Below - North Carolina 10/11
04IA019 Farm Boy Dies in ATV Rollover While Helping Father Chop Silage - Iowa 10/11
04NJ074 Maintenance Supervisor Crushed Under a Falling Gantry Crane - New Jersey 10/11
04OR004 Parked Forklift Crushes Operator Against Semi-Trailer - Oregon 10/11
04OR010 Forklift Crushes Operator Working Underneath on Starter - Oregon 10/11

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September 2005

04CA008 A Construction Laborer Died When He Was Struck by a Fast Moving Vehicle as He Crossed the Roadway in a Street Construction Work Zone - California 09/21
04CA011 A Machine Operator Died When He Was Caught Between a Conveyor Belt and Tension Roller Underneath an Industrial Machine - California 09/21
05NY007 City Employee Killed When Clothing Became Entangled Around an Unguarded PTO Shaft on a Salt Truck - New York 09/21
04OK058 An Elevator Operator Was Killed When He Fell From a Manlift - Oklahoma 09/21

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August 2005

2005-05 Hispanic Youth Dies in Densifier at a Plastics Recycling Plant - Tennessee 08/31
04NE040 Hispanic Laborer Run Over and Killed by Backing Dump Truck in Roadway Construction Zone - Nebraska 08/31
04OK046 Hispanic Youth Laborer Died After Being Struck by Lightning - Oklahoma 08/31
04MI176 6-Year-Old Youth Dies When He Was Run Over by a Skid-Steer Loader Driven by His 9-Year-Old Brother - Michigan 08/17
03MI146 Electrician Dies From Being Pinned Between Iron Pipe and Articulated Boom-Supported Aerial Work Platform Control Panel - Michigan 08/17
03MI066 Farmer Dies When He Is Crushed Under Overturned Tractor in Ditch - Michigan 08/17
05NY001 Teenage Farm Worker Dies during Silage Defacer Entanglement - New York 08/11

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July 2005

2004-10 Hispanic Flagger Dies After Being Run Over by a Dump Truck - North Carolina 07/28
04CA013 Two Maintenance Mechanics Died When a Suspended Steel Dock Plate Fell on Them - California 07/28
97MN045 Farmer Dies After Becoming Entangled In A Power-Take-Off Shaft - Minnesota 07/28
2005-01 Hispanic Laborer Electrocuted When Crane Boom or Load Line Contacts 7,200 Volt Overhead Power Line - North Carolina 07/12
04OK028 A Yard Hand Was Killed When He Was Crushed Between the Mast and the Rollover Protective Structure of a Forklift - Oklahoma 07/12
04OK025 A County Employee Died When He Was Crushed Between Two Heavy Equipment Compaction Vehicles - Oklahoma 07/12

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June 2005

04NE007 Engineering Technician Run Over and Killed by Backing Dump Truck - Nebraska 06/28
2005-02 Hispanic Laborer Electrocuted After Boom Truck Contacts Overhead Power Line - North Carolina 06/14
03IA043 Worker Falls to His Death in a Telescoping Boom Forklift Overturn - Iowa 06/14
04OK001 A 54-year-old Hispanic Worker Was Killed When He Was Crushed by a Forklift - Oklahoma 06/14
04MI130 52-year-old Female Janitor Died as a Result of a Vapor Flashback While Using Flammable Lacquer Thinner to Remove Carpet Glue From Concrete Basement Floor - Michigan 06/07
04WI067 Farmer Dies When He Is Pinned Under His Tractor That Rolled Over on an Incline - Wisconsin 06/07
04WI019 Farmer Dies When Tractor Rolls Over on Sloped Terrain - Wisconsin 06/07
03WI080 Farmer Dies When Skid Steer Loader Rolls Over Him After It Plunged Over Edge of Bluff - Wisconsin 06/07
03WI033 Youth Dies in Tractor Rollover Attempting to Pull Trailer Out of Mud - Wisconsin 06/07

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May 2005

04CA007 A Youth Dies When a Forklift Rolls Over on Him - California 05/31
04CA005 A Laborer Dies When Struck by a Packer Panel in the Hopper of a Rear-Loading Trash Truck - California 05/31
04KY060 Horse Farm Owner Dies When Pinned Under Golf Cart - Kentucky 05/31
03KY028 Traffic Technician Dies From Fall While Changing Traffic Signal Bulb - Kentucky 05/31
03OK058 Three Workers Died Following a Propane Gas Explosion on a Quail/Pheasant Farm - Oklahoma 05/31
01OK10/13/01 A Bowling Facility Worker Died When He Was Caught in a Pinsetter Machine - Oklahoma 05/31
00OK073 Truck Driver Died When Concrete Mixer Truck Overturned - Oklahoma 05/31
2004-09 Hispanic Sawmill Worker Dies Inside Storage Silo After Being Engulfed In Sawdust - North Carolina 05/25
04OR003 Sawmill Worker Crushed During Debarker Maintenance - Oregon 05/25
03OR022 Shipyard Welder Ignites Hydraulic Fluid and Is Fatally Burned - Oregon 05/25
03OR016 Load of Lumber Shifts and Falls on Construction Worker Killing Him - Oregon 05/25
03OR010 Home Construction Worker Falls Down Elevator Shaft - Oregon 05/25
03OR008 Hispanic Laborer Drowns After Falling Into Landscaping Pond - Oregon 05/25
03OR001 Roofer’s Family Member Helping at Work Site Dies After Falling Through Skylight - Oregon 05/25
00WA041 City Worker Killed When Struck by a Dump Truck in Washington State 05/25
00WA012 Temporary Worker Killed when Caught in Machinery at a Bottling Plant in Washington State 05/25
99WI075 Lineman at Hydroelectric Utility was Asphyxiated when the Safety Rope Attached to his Harness Became Entangled in a Revolving Turbine Shaft - Wisconsin 05/25
04CA004 Two Heavy Equipment Mechanics Electrocuted While Working on a Large Earth Moving Piece of Construction Equipment Called a Scraper - California 05/17
03CA005 A Maintenance Mechanic Died When the Forklift He Was Working on Slipped Off a Jack and Fell on Him - California 05/17
03CA004 A Machine Operator Died When Caught in a Plastic Injection Molding Machine - California 05/17
98MA021 Pile Driver Dies When Struck By Pile in Trench - Massachusetts 05/17
94MA019 Pilot Plant Operator Killed in Pressure Vessel Release at a Biotechnology Company - Massachusetts 05/17
03MI193 Farmer Died When Electrocuted While Welding Feed Bunker Wagon - Michigan 05/17
03MI025 DPW Worker Run Over by Pickup Truck Exiting the Vehicle to Open an Overhead Garage Door - Michigan 05/17
02MI208 Laborer Electrocuted When Antenna on Top of Steel Pole Building Contacts 14400-Volt Energized Line - Michigan 05/17
01MI064 Restaurant Maintenance Worker Wedged between Sump Pump Pipe Support Bar and Sump Pump Crock Rim - Michigan 05/17
01MI039 Logger Killed While Freeing Maple Log With Chainsaw During Skidding Operation - Michigan 05/17
05MN010 Farm Youth Dies After Becoming Entangled In the Unloading Beaters of a Forage Wagon - Minnesota 05/17
03NJ091 Hispanic Construction Worker Dies After Fall from an Improvised Scaffold - New Jersey 05/17
98NJ082 Heavy Equipment Operator Killed When Pinned Under a Backhoe Tire - New Jersey 05/17
94NJ114 Groundman Electrocuted During Installation of Pole Mounted Transformer - New Jersey 05/17
94NJ072 Apprentice Lineman Dies After Making Contact with a High Voltage Transmission Line Through a Wooden Utility Pole - New Jersey 05/17
94NJ066 Tree Trimmer Electrocuted While Trimming a Tree - New Jersey 05/17
91NJ009 Electrician's Helper Electrocuted After Contacting 480 Volt Bus Wires for an Overhead Crane - New Jersey 05/17
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April 2005

04MI093 Farmer Died When Run Over by Tractor’s Rear Wheel and Chopper - Michigan 04/28
04MI066 Landscaper Died When the Arms of a Skid-Steer Loader Crushed His Upper Body and Head - Michigan 04/28
03MI160 Laborer Died After 2000-pound Flexible Tote Bag Falls on Him - Michigan 04/28
04NJ013 20-Year-Old Man Killed When Struck By Tree Falling from Tree-Cutting Machine - New Jersey 04/28
04NY077 Farm Owner Dies During Tractor Overturn - New York 04/28
03OR007 Logger Killed as Skyline Cable Whips Free of Slash Pile - Oregon 04/28
03IA060 Farmer Crushed in Machine Shed Doorway While Using Skid-Steer Loader - Iowa 04/13
03IA057 Warehouse Forklift Operator Crushed Against Rack Beam - Iowa 04/13
03IA056 Farmer Killed in Tractor Rollover While Setting a Fence Post - Iowa 04/13
03IA045 Auto Mechanic Dies from Explosion While Welding a Barrel in His Shop - Iowa 04/13
03IA036 Satellite TV Company Manager Dies While Preparing Pickup Truck for Transport - Iowa 04/13
03OR040 Effort to Clear Rock Jam in Operating Rock Crusher Fatal - Oregon 04/13
03KY134 Equine Farm Manager Dies From Accidental Overdose of Xylazine - Kentucky 04/04
04MI108 Farmer Died When Run Over by Rear Wheel When He Started the Tractor While Standing On the Ground - Michigan 04/04

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March 2005

Cattle Rancher Hospitalized After Accidental Injection of Micotil - Nebraska 03/22
04NY013 Department Store Employee Crushed In a Baling Machine - New York 03/22
03NJ100 DPW Employee Dies After Falling Off The Trailer Hitch of a Leaf Vacuum - New Jersey 03/09
04OK010 Hispanic Heavy Equipment Operator Was Killed While Jump-Starting a Pad-Foot Drum Compactor - Oklahoma 03/09
03OK098 Hispanic Laborer Died After Being Struck by a Vehicle in a Roadway Work Zone - Oklahoma 03/09
03OK034 A Gas Drilling Rig Worker Died During a Well Cleanout Operation - Oklahoma 03/09

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February 2005

04CA002 A Saw Operator Dies When Struck by an Aluminum Plate That Fell from a Vacuum Crane - California 02/10
04CA003 A Crane Oiler Dies When Crushed Between the Counterweights and the Rotating Superstructure of a Mobile Crane - California 02/10
03IA054 Farmer Crushed Under Bucket of a Skid-Steer Loader - Iowa 02/10
03MA001 Hospital Employee Clearing Snow Killed When His Skid-Steer Loader Broke Through a Ventilation Grate Located in a Sidewalk - Massachusetts 02/10
03MA057 Laborer Killed While Inflating a Tire Mounted on a Multi-piece Rim Wheel - Massachusetts 02/10
03NE019 Hispanic Tower Erector Falls to Death from Television Tower - Nebraska 02/10

January 2005

2004-07 Chain Saw Operator Dies After Being Struck by Excavator Bucket During Site Clearing - North Carolina 01/12
2004-02 ROPS Equipped Soil Compactor Overturn Kills Operator - Tennessee 01/12
03OK047 A Road Construction Worker Was Killed When He Was Run Over by an Asphalt Dump Truck - Oklahoma 01/12
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December 2004

2004-04 Hispanic Logger Struck and Killed by a Falling Tree Cut by a Feller Buncher Machine - North Carolina 12/21
03KY124 Metal Fabrication Shop Owner Dies When Crushed By Falling Steel Plate - Kentucky 12/21
02MI119 Inside Wireman Electrician Electrocuted Working on Exterior Light Pole - Michigan 12/21
03MI179 Welder Dies from Fall off Rigging - Michigan 12/21
03NJ086 Laborer Crushed Under Overturned Road Milling Machine - New Jersey 12/21
03NJ043 Hispanic Arborist's Helper Struck and Killed by A Falling Tree - New Jersey 12/21
04NY012 Flagger Dies after being Struck by a Pickup Truck in a Highway Work Zone - New York 12/21
83-10 Overturning of a Forklift 12/03
85-23 Use of Sulfuric Acid Results in Two Deaths in Waste Water Holding Tank in Pennsylvania 12/03
88-14 Labor Foreman Falls to His Death Inside Municipal Water Tank in Indiana 12/03
88-39 Lineman Dies from Fall from Utility Pole 12/03
92-10 Tree Faller/Bucker Crushed Between Two Logs While Bucking a Fallen Tree - Alaska 12/03
93-08 Three Contract Workers Die while Repairing a Sodium Hypochlorite Tank at a Wastewater Treatment Plant - Virginia 12/03
95-12 Laborer Fatally Injured While Cleaning Concrete Mixer - Tennessee 12/03
96-14 Tree Feller Killed by a Piece of Wood From a Falling Tree - Pennsylvania 12/03
2003-11 Hispanic Painter Electrocuted When the Aluminum Extension Ladder He was Positioning Contacted an Overhead Powerline - South Carolina 12/03
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November 2004

2002-09 Hispanic Forklift Operator Dies After Being Caught Between Mast and Cage of Forklift - North Carolina 11/23
2004-06 Sixteen-Year-Old Hispanic Youth Dies After Falling From A Job-Made Elevated Work Platform During Construction - South Carolina 11/23
03IA021 Welder Falls from Boom Forklift Platform When Boom Shifts Laterally - Iowa 11/23
03IA055 Construction Worker Electrocuted When Boom Forklift Contacted Power Lines - Iowa 11/23
03KY087 Laborer Dies When Caught in Arms of a Skidsteer Loader - Kentucky 11/23
03KY107 38 Year-Old Construction Laborer Dies When Trench Walls Collapse - Kentucky 11/23
03KY115 Licensed Electrician Dies When Electrocuted by 480 Volts - Kentucky 11/23
03NJ093 Motocross Track Owner Killed When Tractor Overturned - New Jersey 11/23
03OR032 Vehicle Strikes Utility Worker In Short-duration Work Zone - Oregon 11/23
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October 2004

02MA042 A Portuguese Speaking Laborer Working for a Korean Speaking Employer is Fatally Injured After Falling From an Extension Ladder - Massachusetts 10/28
03MI080 Pyrotechnician Dies When Struck in Head by Firework While Putting on a Display - Michigan 10/28
03OK096 A Concrete Saw Operator Was Killed When He Was Pinned Between the Boom and the Rear of a Backhoe - Oklahoma 10/28
03WI001 Farmer Fell Into Auger of Manure Spreader While Scraping the Tank - Wisconsin 10/28
03MN039 Paper Mill Maintenance Employee Dies After Being Pinned By The Arm Of A Control Mechanism In A Roll Wrap Machine - Minnesota 10/19
04NY024 Machinist Crushed by a Steel Spool while Working on a Hydraulic Lift Table - New York 10/19
03OK060 An Oil Field Worker Died After Being Struck By A Falling Pump Jack Head - Oklahoma 10/19
03CA010 An Automotive Mechanic Died When the Vehicle He Was Working Under Slipped Off A Lift and Fell On Him - California 10/01
03OK032 A Farmer Was Killed When He Was Run Over By A Combine - Oklahoma 10/01
03WI042 Hispanic Painter Dies After Falling From a New House Roof - Wisconsin 10/01
03WI050 Farmer Dies When Pinned Between Frame and Bucket of A Skid Steer Loader - Wisconsin 10/01
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September 2004

03CA008 A Butcher Died After Getting His Hand Caught In A Meat Grinder - California 9/27
03CA009 An Equipment Operator Died After Being Run Over By A Double Trailer Truck - California 9/27
96KY009 Farmer Strangled by Jacket Caught on Exposed Auger Shaft - Kentucky 9/27
98KY116 Road Construction Worker Killed in Tractor Overturn - Kentucky 9/27
03KY072 Master Plumber Dies When Trench Collapses - Kentucky 9/27
03KY097 Roofing Laborer Dies After 60-Foot Fall - Kentucky 9/27
04NE002 Worker Electrocuted In Bucket Truck - Nebraska 9/27
04NE016 Warehouse Manager Killed in Fall From Wooden Ladder - Nebraska 9/27
03NJ042 Hispanic Tree Trimmer Killed After Being Pulled into A Wood Chipper - New Jersey 9/27
03NJ054 Municipal Road Worker Struck by a Truck at a Worksite - New Jersey 9/27
03NJ070 Highway Worker Struck and Killed by an Auto While Filling Potholes - New Jersey 9/27
03NY036 Truck Driver Dies during Payloader Crushing Incident - New York 9/27
04NY002 Contractor Run Over by Front-end Loader at City Salt Stockyard - New York 9/27
01WI019 Farmer Dies When Skidsteer Loader Overturns - Wisconsin 9/27
03WI020 Youth Newspaper Carrier Dies after Being Struck by an Automobile While Delivering Newspapers on a Bicycle - Wisconsin 9/27
03WI092 Farm Worker Dies When He Falls From Tractor Seat - Wisconsin 9/27
03WI097 Amish Carpenter Dies after Falling from Scaffold - Wisconsin 9/27
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August 2004

03CA006 A Machine Operator Died When Crushed In A Plastic Injection Molding Machine - California 8/25
03MI202 Farmer Died When Crushed Between Tractor Steering Wheel and Enclosed Feed Auger - Michigan 8/25
03MI134 Farmer Died When Tractor Overturns to Side While on a Hill - Michigan 8/25
04MN002 Farmer Dies After Being Pinned By Bucket Of Skid Loader - Minnesota 8/25
03OR020 Young Camp Counselor Killed When Cannon Bursts To Pieces - Oregon 8/25
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July 2004

2004-03 Seventeen-Year-Old High School Student Working as a Warehouse Laborer in Work-Based Learning Program Dies After Forklift Tips Over and Crushes Him - Tennessee 7/30
03MI067 Farmer Dies When He Was Pinned Between the Tractor Seat and a Tree in a Ditch Near His Soybean Field - Michigan 7/30
03MI098 Farmer Dies When Pinned by Flail Mower - Michigan 7/30
03MI103 Farmer Dies When Tractor With Front-End Loader Overturns In Ditch and Pins Him - Michigan 7/30
03MI108 Farmer Dies When Grain In Grain Bin Engulfs Him - Michigan 7/30
03OR018 Auto Salvage Worker Killed by Unsecured Car on Transporter - Oregon 7/30
02MA016 Temporary Hispanic Laborer Dies After Being Struck by a Turning Devices at a Concrete Product Manufacturing Facility - Massachusetts 7/14
02WI011 Hispanic Laborers Drowned In Pond On Golf Course - Wisconsin 7/14
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June 2004

02MI106 Highway Worker Killed by Passenger Vehicle While Setting Up Highway Work Zone Warning Signal - Michigan 6/25
03MI020 School Custodian Dies From Blood Clots After Fall From Ladder - Michigan 6/25
03OR019 Farmer Is Killed When He Falls Beneath Moving Combine - Oregon 6/25
03OR039 Worker Is Thrown From Cab of Crane and Is Crushed - Oregon 6/25
02WI054 Farmer Dies When Pinned Between Arm and Frame of A Skid Steer Loader - Wisconsin 6/25
02WI058 Youth Killed in Tractor Roll-Over While Moving Large Hay Bales - Wisconsin 6/25
02WI075 Farmer Killed When Kicked By Horse - Wisconsin 6/25
03CA001 A Machine Operator Died When Crushed In an Automatic Feed System of a Cardboard Box Waxing Machine - California 6/16
03CA002 A Laborer Died When Crushed Between the Forks and the Cab of a Trash Truck - California 6/16
02KY074 Asphalt Compactor Operator Dies When Machine Slides and Falls 17 Feet - Kentucky 6/16
02KY108 Hispanic Worker Dies Due To Trench Cave-In - Kentucky 6/16
03KY017 Hispanic Laborer Dies From Fall Off Roof - Kentucky 6/16
03KY049 Bulldozer Owner/Operator Dies When Thrown Off Bulldozer Track - Kentucky 6/16
03KY073 Bulldozer Owner/Operator Drowns While Trying to Repair a Pond - Kentucky 6/16
02MA010 Vessel Mechanic Drowns after Falling from a Ladder between a Tugboat and the Dock - Massachusetts 6/16
03NY040 Dairy Farmer Dies from Crushing Injuries Sustained while Loading Cows - New York 6/16
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May 2004

2004-01 Hispanic Laborer Dies After Being Crushed Between the Frame of a Skid Steer Loader and the Scraper Attachment on the Loader Lift Arms - Ohio 5/21
03NY024 Elderly Farm Worker Crushed to Death by Dairy Cows - New York 5/21
03OK016 Waste Disposal Worker Was Crushed Between A Waste Disposal Truck and A Dumpster - Oklahoma 5/21
2003-01 Part-time Laborer Pinned Between Scissor Lift Work Platform Railing and Doorway Header - Virginia 5/4
03IA035 Tractor Operator Run Over and Killed While Making Repairs - Iowa 5/4
02IA050 Young Farmer Crushed Under Rolling Silage Wagon - Iowa 5/4
02IA057 Man Crushed Between Skid-Steer Loader and Dump Truck - Iowa 5/4
00IA005 Sanitation Assistant Crushed Between Garbage Truck and Compactor - Iowa 5/4
00IA031 Worker Dies When Tower Crane and Water Tower Crash to the Ground - Iowa 5/4
00IA048 Worker Crushed in Rubber Tire Assembly Machine - Iowa 5/4
98IA003 Paper Mill Employee Killed as Winder Safety Plate Pins Him Against a Beam - Iowa 5/4
98IA071 Two Mechanics Crushed To Death When Tow Truck Falls From Jack Stand - Iowa 5/4
98IA073 Farmer Is Run Over By A Tractor While Starting It When Not In the Operator’s Seat - Iowa 5/4
00OK040 County Road Maintenance Worker Died When He Was Run Over By A Rotary Cutter - Oklahoma 5/4
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April 2004

2002-06 Roadway Construction Worker Dies From Crushing Injuries When Backed Over by a Dump Truck - Virginia 4/15
2003-10 Hispanic Painter Electrocuted When The Metal Ladder He Was Repositioning Contacted an Overhead Powerline - North Carolina 4/15
03KY030 Highway Construction Worker Dies When Struck By Semi-Tractor Trailer - Kentucky 4/15
03KY053 Construction Laborer Dies from Heat Stroke at End of Workday - Kentucky 4/15
03KY056 28-Year-Old Sound Technician Dies after Falling from Lift - Kentucky 4/15
02MA030 A Spanish Speaking Roofer Dies After Falling From a Roof of a Residential Structure - Massachusetts 4/15
03NJ010 Construction Worker Struck and Killed by a Pile Falling From a Crane - New Jersey 4/15
03NJ020 Forklift Operator Killed When His Forklift is Overturned by a Backing Truck - New Jersey 4/15
03NY049 Farm Worker Dies during Forage Chopper Entanglement - New York 4/15
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March 2004

03MI053 Farm Owner Crushed Underneath Rotary Mower While Changing Blades and Untangling Wire Wrapped On Cutting Blades - Michigan 3/31
03WV044 Tractor Owner Dies After Being Pinned by Tractor Attachment Which Fell on Him During Disassembly in West Virginia 3/31
03WV045 Timber Cutter Dies After Being Struck by Elevated Butt of Previously Felled Tree Which Dropped as He Walked Under it in West Virginia 3/31
04WV001 Timber Cutter Dies After Being Struck From Behind by a Tree Which Became Entangled with the Tree He was Felling in West Virginia 3/31
02MA001 Massachusetts Laborer Dies After Arm is Caught in Rock Crushing Machine Conveyor Belt 3/12
02MI040 Truck Driver Killed When Front-End Loader Secured by Chains on a Lowboy Trailer Broke Free and Rolled Onto Cab - Michigan 3/12
2003-08 Hispanic Painter Electrocuted When The Ladder He Was Carrying Contacted a 13,200 Volt Overhead Powerline - North Carolina 3/1
03IA020 Teenager Dies in Tractor Overturn When Home-Made Rollbar Fails - Iowa 3/1
92MA010 Elevator Service/Repair Helper Electrocuted in Massachusetts 3/1
92MA011 Laborer/Tender Dies In Fall From Scaffolding In Massachusetts 3/1
92MA012 Massachusetts Bridge Painter Dies In Fall From Toppled Aerial Scissor Lift 3/1
92MA015 Massachusetts Drill Foreman Dies In Fall When Portion of Offshore Marine Rockdrilling Rig Resettles in Ocean Floor 3/1
92MA017 Self-Employed Massachusetts Real Estate Developer/Builder Electrocuted by Construction Site Generator 3/1
02MI029 Farmer Died After Being Struck While Seated On The Tractor By an Unrestrained Rectangular Haylage Bale That Fell Out of An Elevated Front-End Loader Bucket That Independently Elevated - Michigan 3/1
03MI052 Farm Youth Died When He Became Entangled in an Unguarded PTO Shaft - Michigan 3/1
03NJ021 Hispanic Quarry Supervisor Struck by Machine Part During Maintenance - New Jersey 3/1
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February 2004

2001-12 Emergency Medical Technician Dies In Ambulance Crash - New York 2/17
2003-07 Two Hispanic Construction Laborers (Ages Fifteen and Sixteen) Die After Trench Collapse - South Carolina 2/17
01MA041 Vehicle Mounted Work Platform Tips Killing Bridge Inspector - Massachusetts 2/17
03MI079 Department of Public Works Employee Electrocuted Attempting to Read a Water Meter Located Behind an Apartment Boiler - Michigan 2/17
01MN054 Farmer Dies After Being Crushed Beneath The Header Of A Combine - Minnesota 2/17
03MN021 Farm Youth Dies After Tractor She was Driving Rolled Over on Her - Minnesota 2/17
03OR015 Construction Worker Dies When He Leans Out of the Protective Cage of A Skid Steer Forklift and Is Crushed - Oregon 2/17
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January 2004

2003-12 Hispanic Pipe Layer Dies After Being Struck by Excavator (Track Hoe) Bucket on Construction Site - South Carolina 1/30
02MA002 Machine Operator Dies After Becoming Caught in a Shirt Pressing Machine - Massachusetts 1/30
00NE050 Steel Erector Falls From Scissors Lift - Nebraska 1/30
01NE006 Maintenance Worker Crushed Between Forklift and Truck - Nebraska 1/30
02NE004 Farmer Killed by Propane/Methane Flash Fire - Nebraska 1/30
02NE011 Standup Forklift Operator Asphyxiated by Warning Chain - Nebraska 1/30
00WA040 Lineman Killed After Being Struck by a Car in Washington State 1/30
00AK006 Welder Killed In Tank Explosion - Alaska 1/23
00AK011 Lineman Killed After Contacting Charged Switch - Alaska 1/23
03AK006 Worker Struck By Multi-piece Rim During Wheel Installation - Alaska 1/23
03CA003 An Apprentice Mechanic Died When Crushed In A Machine That Stacks Wooden Pallets - California 1/23
03MI018 Manager of After-Market Truck Bed Liner Store Dies of Asthmatic Attack after Spraying Van with Isocyanate-based Truck Bed Liner - Michigan 1/23
02NE013 Telecommunications Tower Maintenance Worker Struck By Cable - Nebraska 1/23
94NJ086 Construction Foreman Killed and Two Workers Injured When Exposed To Toxic Gasses in a Sewage Pumping Station Dry Well - New Jersey 1/23
02NY055 Contractor Dies in Tractor Overturn While Skidding Logs - New York 1/23
2003-09 Two Hispanic Guardrail Installers Die After Being Struck by a Guardrail - North Carolina 1/12
2003-13 18-year-old Dies After Being Entangled in a Portable Mortar Mixer - South Carolina 1/12
03NE027 Irrigation System Serviceman Electrocuted - Nebraska 1/12
02NY013 Logger Crushed While Felling a Tree - New York 1/12
03NY006 Worker Dies after Falling through a Steel Grid Plate into an Underground Frozen Coal Cracker - New York 1/12
03NY027 City Engineer Killed in Landfill Manhole When Retrieving Flow Meter - New York 1/12
03NY034 Millwright Killed When Aerial Work Platform Tipped Over - New York 1/12
88-32 Welder Electrocuted by Contact with an Energized Overhead Crane Conductor 1/6
92-10 Tree Faller/Bucker Crushed Between Two Logs While Bucking a Fallen Tree - Alaska 1/6
93-08 Three Contract Workers Die while Repairing a Sodium Hypochlorite Tank at a Wastewater Treatment Plant - Virginia 1/6
95-12 Laborer Fatally Injured While Cleaning Concrete Mixer - Tennessee 1/6
96-14 Tree Feller Killed by a Piece of Wood From a Falling Tree - Pennsylvania 1/6
01CA001 A Mechanic Dies When Struck In The Head By A Forklift That Slipped Off A Jack - California 1/6
01CA002 A Tractor Operator Dies When His Tractor Rolls Over On Him - California 1/6
01IA021 Two Railroad Repair Workers Asphyxiated in Damaged Tank Car - Iowa 1/6
02IA061 Swine Confinement Worker Dies from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Iowa 1/6
02NE044 Worker Falls Into Mixing Tank - Nebraska 1/6
00NJ111 Laborer Killed When a Truck Struck a Backhoe and Pinned the Victim Between the Backhoe and a Dumpster - New Jersey 1/6
99OK088 A Roller Operator and A Work Crew Foreman Died When They Were Struck By A Motorist In A Highway Work Zone - Oklahoma 1/6
01OK076 A 13-year-old Construction Laborer Died When He Fell From A Scaffold Board and Struck A Scaffold Cross-brace - Oklahoma 1/6
03OK017 A Secretary/treasurer At A Stone Cutting Company Was Killed When She Was Crushed By A Forklift That Was Being Jump-started - Oklahoma 1/6
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June (none)

December 2003

03MN016 Roll-off Box Truck Driver Dies After Being Pinned Between Hydraulic Ram and Hydraulic Reservoir Tank 12/12
03WV012 Logging Company Owner Dies After Being Struck by a Set-back as He Began Topping Another Tree in West Virginia 12/12
02CA007 A Security Guard Is Killed When He Was Run Over By A Heavy-duty Industrial Forklift While Directing Traffic In A Cargo Container Storage Yard - California 12/3
02NY059 Farmer Dies after Backhoe Crushing Incident - New York 12/3
02NY060 Elderly Part-Time Farmer Dies during Fall and Subsequent Runover by Tractor and Attached Brush-Hog - New York 12/3
03MI029 Co-Owner of Metal Forge Shop Dies When an Ejected Piece of Steel Used as a Stop Block in a Full Revolution Press Strikes Him in the Chest - Michigan 12/3
03NE022 Farmer Electrocuted Exiting Grain Bin - Nebraska 12/3
2002-10 Youth Farm Worker Dies After Falling Into Operating Feed Grinder/Mixer - Ohio 12/1
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November 2003

02NY096 Worker Fatally Injured by Steel Blade While Cleaning a Dough Machine - New York 11/17
03WV022 Logging Site Heavy Equipment Operator Dies After Being Pinned by the Dozer he was Operating in West Virginia 11/17
02IA051 Farmer Falls to His Death from Grain Bin Ladder - Iowa 11/17
02IA056 Farmer Killed When Tricycle Tractor With Front-End Loader Overturns - Iowa 11/17
02NY069 Farm Worker Dies during Manure Truck Overturn - New York 11/17
92NJ024 Dock Builder Dies After Falling 35 Feet from a Steel Sheet Pile - New Jersey 11/5
95NJ089 Laborer Dies After Falling 25 Feet Through a Skylight - New Jersey 11/5
97NJ022 Marina Worker Drowns After Falling Into Water - New Jersey 11/5
97NJ051 School HVAC Mechanic Electrocuted After Contacting An Energized 480 Volt Heating Coil - New Jersey 11/5
97NJ112 Roofer Dies After Falling 41 Feet Through an Airport Hanger Roof - New Jersey 11/5
98NJ053 Warehouse Worker Dies After Falling From an Order-Picker Forklift Truck - New Jersey 11/5
99NJ041 Iron Worker Dies in 42 Foot Fall After Stepping Through Roof Insulation - New Jersey 11/5
01NJ117 Landscaper Electrocuted and Two Workers Seriously Injured When a Felled Tree Landed on an Overhead Power Line - New Jersey 11/5
01NJ129 Field Engineer Struck by Vehicle While Painting Highway Markings - New Jersey 11/5
02NJ025 Landscaper Crushed between Backhoe and Truck - New Jersey 11/5
02NJ030 Crane Rigger/Spotter Run Over by Mobile Gantry Crane - New Jersey 11/5
03MI022 Indoor Amusement Manager Killed When Struck By a Moving Roller Coaster - Michigan 11/5
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October 2003

2002-05 Maintenance Mechanic Dies After Being Trapped in the Pneumatic Door of a Vacuum Cooler - South Carolina 10/31
03MA1NF A 15-Year-Old Student Amputates Fingers While Operating an Unguarded Table Saw in Woodworking Class - Massachusetts 10/31
02MI090 Journeyman Pipefitter Killed When Struck in Head by Grooved End Cap under Pressure - Michigan 10/31
01NJ055 Tree Climber Crushed by Falling Tree Section - New Jersey 10/31
02NY026 Machine Operator Dies of Crushing Injuries When Caught by a Bridle Roller on a Hot Tin Coating Line - New York 10/14
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September 2003

03OK007 A County Road Worker Died When a Tow Rope Connection Broke Loose and Struck Him in the Head - Oklahoma9/30 9/30
2003-06 Hispanic Carpenter Dies After Being Crushed Between the Loader Bucket of a Backhoe/Loader and a Concrete Building - North Carolina9/26 9/26
02KY106 21 Year-old Male Dies when Struck in the Head with a Track Hoe Bucket - Kentucky 9/26
02KY127 41 Year-Old Male Dies after Being Struck in the Head with an Auger - Kentucky 9/26
02KY131 Chinese Immigrant Restaurant Owner Electrocuted - Kentucky 9/26
01MI068 Worker Falls From Wooden Pallet During Remodeling Work at a Fruit Processing Facility - Michigan 9/26
01MI094 Bridge Painter Dies When He Falls Out of an Unsecured Rough Terrain Forklift Scaffold Platform - Michigan 9/26
01MA039 Police Officer Dies After Being Backed Over by a Dump Truck - Massachusetts 9/12
03NE004 Cattleman Dies Due To Accidental Injection - Nebraska 9/12
99WV005 Tree Feller Dies After Being Struck by Limb of Tree Being Felled in West Virginia. 9/12
99WV020 Logging Company Owner Dies After Being Struck by Log That Fell From Logging Truck in West Virginia 9/12
03WV001 Farmer Dies Following a Tractor Rollover in West Virginia 9/12
02CA008 A Hispanic Female Laborer Was Run Over By A Forklift That Was Moving A Trash Bin In A Waste Transfer and Recycling Station - California 9/5
02CA010 A Construction Laborer Was Run Over By A Front-End Loader - California 9/5
02MI157 Hispanic Laborer Dies When Dump Mechanism of Lift Truck Activates and Crushes Him Between the Truck Bed Bulkhead and Bridge Beam - Michigan 9/5
02NJ081 Forklift Operator Dies After Backing his Forklift Off a Loading Dock - New Jersey 9/5
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August 2003

02CA003 A Construction Worker Jumps Over a Cement Barrier Onto an Interstate Highway Transition Road and Is Killed When Struck By an Oncoming Vehicle9/6 8/6
02CA009 A Machine Operator Died When His Glove Caught in a Wire Drawing Machine 8/6
01MA020 Country Club Maintenance Employee Run Over by a Tractor While Training a New Employee - Massachusetts 8/6
01MA037 Boat Handler is Fatally Crushed While Placing Wooden Blocks Under a Partially Supported Boat - Massachusetts 8/6
03NE003 Trucker Crushed by Irrigation Pipe 8/6
01WV034 Timber Cutter Dies After Being Pinned by The Tree He Was Felling in West Virginia 8/6
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July 2003

01MI015 Farmer Pinned Beneath Tractor Overturned To the Rear 7/14
01MI022 Truck Driver Dies in Excavation Cave-In During Diesel Tank Removal 7/14
01MI025 Delivery Man Struck by Vehicle While Stopped on Roadway to Change Delivery Van Flat Tire 7/14
01MI029 Farmer Crushed Between Lift Arms and Frame of Skid-steer Loader 7/14
01MI038 Maintenance Worker Struck in Head by Exploding Pressurized Tank 7/14
01MI047 Corrections Officer Dies When He Falls Off Ladder While Supervising Prison Work Crew 7/14
01MI056 Grader Operator Run Over by Rear Tire While Jumpstarting Grader 7/14
01MI058 Farmer Run Over by a Tractor and/or Manure Spreader 7/14
01MI061 &
Two Individuals Overcome By Hydrogen Sulfide Gas While Cleaning a Farm Facility Water Well With 28% Liquid Muriatic Acid 7/14
02MI016 Rig Hand Entangled In Rotating Drive Shaft While Hanging Light in Rig Structure 7/14
02MI028 Rigger Killed When Equipment Being Unloaded From A Semi-Trailer Fell From the High-Lift Fork Truck and Landed on Him 7/14
02MI120 Farmer Killed When His Tractor Leaves Public Road Shoulder and Overturns Into a Ditch 7/14
02MI121 Electrocution of Family Member When Welding on Rotary Disc Mower on Farm 7/14
02MI140 Farm Hand Run Over by Tractor While Starting the Tractor While Standing On the Ground 7/14
02MI143 Farmer Asphyxiated Due to Lack of Oxygen After Entering an Oxygen Limiting Silo 3 Days After Filling 7/14
99WA011 Logger Killed by Log during Helicopter Logging Operation in Washington State 7/7
01MI001 Operator Pinned Between the Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder Housing and the Frame of a Skid-Steer Loader 7/7
01MI002 Mold Setter's Head Struck By a Cycling Single-side Gantry Robot 7/7
01MI003 Operator Crushed Between a Rotating Barrel and Its Hoist Support Bar 7/7
01MI006 Pastor Struck by Falling Roof Ice Dam, Subsequently Died from Complications 7/7
01MI008 Welder Struck By Falling Steel Frame 7/7
01MI011 Machinist Struck and Killed by Fragments from Ruptured Steam Turbine Housing 7/7
02KY099 Hispanic Worker Dies In Tractor Rollover 7/7
02NE032 Trailer Court Owner Killed in Mobile Trash Compactor 7/7
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May 2003

02MN034 City Maintenance Worker Dies After Being Pinned In Street Sweeper 5/16
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April 2003

02MN049 Farmer Dies After Becoming Entangled In Silo Unloading Auger 4/11
02WV040 Logger in Training Dies After Being Struck by a Previously Felled Tree Which Rolled off of a Bank in West Virginia 4/04
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March 2003

2003-05 Hispanic Construction Laborer Dies and Two Coworkers Are Injured After Falling 10 Feet From an Unsecured Box on the Forks of a Forklift—North Carolina 3/25
01NE026 Youth Landscaper Pinned Underneath Front End Loader 3/25
02NJ003 Industrial Metals Recovery Worker Killed in Explosion 3/25
02NY007 Truck Driver Run Over by Trash Compactor at Municipal Landfill 3/25
02NY012 Feed Mill Worker Dies in Grain Bin 3/25
02NY023 Part-Time Farm Worker Dies During Tractor Overturn 3/25
02NY027 Truck Driver Killed when Struck by Laminated Veneer Beams Falling from a Forklift 3/25
02CA001 A Heavy Equipment Operator Died When the Dump Truck He Was Backing Slid Down an Embankment and Then Tumbled Over - California 3/10
02CA006 A Truck Driver Died When He Fell Off Of and Was Run Over by the Backhoe He Was Riding On - California 3/10
02MN040 Farm Worker Dies After Being Engulfed In Corn Inside A Steel Grain Bin - Minnesota 3/10
00WI106 Youth Newspaper Delivery Assistant Dies in Motor Vehicle Collision - Wisconsin 3/10
01WI002 Youth Reserve Recruit Killed in Automobile Collision While Traveling on Duty - Wisconsin 3/10
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February 2003

99IA093 Operator Crushed By Backhoe Boom While Doing Maintenance - Iowa) 2/18
01IA042 Excavator Killed Using Skid-Steer Loader and Tree Shear Attachment - Iowa 2/18
02WV018 Timber Cutter Dies After Being Struck by the Tree He Was Felling in West Virginia 2/18
2002-11 Hispanic Construction Laborer Dies After Portable Silo Collapse - North Carolina 2/18
2003-03 Hispanic Roofer Dies After 15-Foot Fall from a Roof - North Carolina 2/18
2003-04 Female Hispanic Farm Laborer Dies After Falling From the Elevated Forks of a Forklift - North Carolina 2/14
01MA016 Massachusetts Tractor Operator Killed While Wheel Harrowing a Tobacco Field - Massachusetts 2/7
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January 2003

02CA002 A Construction Laborer Was Killed When a Rubber Tire Bulldozer Backed Over Him As He Was Doing a Grade Check - California 1/24
02CA005 A Service Writer for a Car Dealership Died When He Was Struck in the Head by an Alignment Rack that Rolled Off a Handcart - California 1/24
00KY096 Construction Worker Dies After Being Struck by a Falling Excavator Bucket - Kentucky 1/24
02KY025 Backhoe Operator Dies After Backhoe Tips Over - Kentucky 1/24
02KY085 Migrant Worker Dies in Tractor Rollover - Kentucky 1/24
02NJ021 17-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Driver Killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident - New Jersey 1/24
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December 2002

2002-08 Hispanic Dump-Truck Driver Dies After Being Caught Between Frame and Dump Body of Off-Road Truck While Performing Routine Lubrication - Tennessee 12/20
01CA009 An Elevator Mechanic Helper Died When He Was Crushed in an Escalator While Performing Maintenance - California 12/20
02CA004 A Welder Dies After Being Crushed by a Hydraulic Door on a Scrap Metal Shredding Machine - California 12/20
02WV024 Part-time Farmer Dies Following a Tractor Rollover - West Virginia 12/20
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November 2002

00MA061 Police Officer Fatally Injured When Struck By A Backing Dump Truck At A Public Roadway Construction Work Zone - Massachusetts 11/24
02MI060 Millwright Dies from Fall Off Ladder - Michigan 11/24
02MI075 Landscape Mowing Assistant Dies from Heat Stroke - Michigan 11/24
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October 2002

01IA001 Extra Rider on Garbage Truck is Killed When He Falls Under Truck - Iowa 10/25
02IA024 Tanker Truck Driver Killed by Unshielded PTO Shaft - Iowa 10/25
2001-11 26-Year-Old Emergency Medical Technician Dies in Multiple Fatality Ambulance Crash - Kentucky 10/18
01AK005 Yardman Fatally Injured After Struck-by Beam - Alaska 10/18
01AK008 Mechanic Struck-by Backhoe While Assisting with Excavator Disassembly - Alaska 10/18
00MA069 State Worker Fatally Injured While Operating a Bulldozer at a State Mental Health Facility - Massachusetts 10/11
01OK036 Farmer Died When He Was Crushed Within a Hay Baler - Oklahoma 10/11
01KY062 Youth Riding as Passenger on Tractor Killed by Overturn - Kentucky 10/4
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Page last updated: January 12, 2009
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Content Source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Division of Safety Research

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