Alphabetical List of Edison Disc Titles*

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The Aba Daba Honeymoon (Fields and Donovan)--Collins and Harlan, 1914

Ah! Non Credea Mirarti from La Sonnambula (Bellini)--Anna Case, 1915
Explanatory talk from opposite side

Allah's Holiday from Katinka (Rudolf Friml)--Jaudas' Society Orchestra, 1917

Are You From Dixie? ('Cause I'm From Dixie, Too) (George L. Cobb)--Billy Murray, 1916

At the Ball That's All (J. Leubrie Hill)--Mayo and Tally, 1915


Backyard Conversation Between Mrs. Reilly and Mrs. Finnegan--Ada Jones and Steve Porter, 1920

The Band Festival at Plum Center (Charles W. Doty)--Ada Jones, Byron G. Harlan and Steve Porter, 1917

Beautiful Ohio (Mary Earl)--Metropolitan Quartet, 1919

The Bells of St. Mary's (A. Emmett Adams)--Lewis James, 1920


Caprice Espagnol (Ketten--Loeffler)--Albert Spalding, 1919

Carnival of Venice--Variations--Bohumir Kryl, 1922

Carolina Rolling Stone (Young--Squires)--Vernon Dalhart, 1922

The Church in the Wildwood (Dr. Wm. S. Pitts)--Apollo Quartet of Boston, 1918

Cohen on His Honeymoon--Monroe Silver, 1920

Crazy Blues (Perry Bradford)--Noble Sissle, 1921

D - H (TOP)

Dinnie Donohue, on Prohibition--William Cahill, 1920

Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You (Jimmie Morgan)--Walter Van Brunt, 1916

Elégie (J. Massenet)--Guido Ciccolini, 1917

Farmyard Medley--Premier Quartet, 1918

Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus (Gay--Brown)--Billy Murray, 1915

Give a Man a Horse He Can Ride (Geoffrey O'Hara)--Arthur Middleton, 1921

Happy Tho' Married (Duprez)--Fred Duprez, 1915

Hungarian Rag (Julius Lenzberg)--New York Military Band, 1913

I - L (TOP)

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Kenbrovin--Kellette)--Helen Clark and George Wilton Ballard, 1919

I've Been Floating Down the Old Green River (Joe Cooper)--Billy Murray, 1916

In a Monastery Garden (Albert W. Ketelbey)--Peerless Orchestra and male chorus, 1921

In My Heart, on My Mind All Day Long; and I Wonder if You Still Care For Me (Kalmar--Ruby--Snyder)--Lou Chiha "Friscoe," 1921

In the Little Red School House (A. Wilson & J. Brennan)--Billy Jones and Ernest Hare, 1922

Indiana (James F. Hanley)--The Homestead Trio, 1917

Introduction and Tarentelle (Pablo de Sarasate)--Mischa Viólin, 1921

Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight (M. K. Jerome)--The Homestead Trio, 1918

Kashmiri Song (Amy Woodforde-Finden)--Maggie Teyte, 1920

Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey)--Zez Confrey, 1921

Lasca (F. Desprez)--Harry E. Humphrey, 1919

Let Us Not Forget--A Message to the American People by Thomas A. Edison, 1919

Lorraine (My Beautiful Alsace-Lorraine) (Fred Fisher)--Vernon Dalhart, 1918

Love, Here is My Heart (Lao Silesu)--Reed Miller, 1921


Madelon (I'll Be True to the Whole Regiment) (Robert)--Arthur Fields, 1919

La Mamma Morta from Andrea Chénier (Giordano)--Claudia Muzio, 1921

Medley of Southern Airs --Fred Bacon, 1920

Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean (Ed. Gallagher--Al. Shean)--Edward Meeker, Steve Porter, 1922

My Mother's Rosary (Geo. W. Meyer)--Walter Van Brunt, 1916

Myona-Hawaiian Waltz (Morgan--Friedland)--Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra, 1920

Night Time in Little Italy --Frisco "Jazz" Band, 1919

O Patria Mia from Aïda (Verdi)--Marie Rappold, 1916
Explanatory talk from opposite side

Oi Ya Nestchastay (Malo Russkaya Piesnia) (Lisenko)--Alexander Sashko, 1921 [Russian]

Old Pal (Why Don't You Answer Me?) (M. K. Jerome)--Herbert Soman, 1921

Omar Rabbi Elozor (Traditional from the Talmud)--Cantor Meyer Kanewsky and his choir, 1919 [Hebrew]

Onward, Christian Soldiers! (A. S. Sullivan)--The Calvary Choir and the Choir Boys of St. Andrew's Church, New York, 1919



A Police Court Scene--Steve Porter & Co., 1919

Polski Taniec --Aleksander Iwanowski, 1922 [Polish]

Polka Warszawska "Wiszniaczka" (Warsaw Polka)--Aleksander Iwanowski, 1922 [Polish]

Poor Butterfly (Raymond Hubbell)--Jaudas' Band, 1917

The Preacher and the Bear (Joe Arizonia)--Arthur Collins, 1919

Prelude in C Sharp Minor Op. 3 (Sergei Rachmaninoff)--Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1920

Quand' ero Paggio from Falstaff (Verdi), and Deh Vieni Alla Finestra from Don Giovanni (Mozart)--Arthur Middleton, 1921

The Raggedy Man; The Bumblebee; and An Impetuous Resolve (James Whitcomb Riley)--Harry E. Humphrey, 1914

Santa Claus Hides in Your Phonograph (Arthur A. Penn)--Harry E. Humphrey, 1922

Save a Little Dram for Me (Skidmore--Walker)--Duke Rogers, 1922

Die Schnitzelbank--Manhattan Male Quartett mit Orchester, 1921 [German]

Second Hungarian Rhapsodie, part I (F. Liszt)--Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1919

Seven Ages of Man; and Hamlet's Advice to the Players (Shakespeare)--Harry E. Humphrey, 1919

The Shop Girl (Department Store Scene)--Justine Roberts, 1921

Spanish Rhapsody (S. Salvetti)--Alessios Mandolin Quartet, 1916

The Stars and Stripes Forever March (J. P. Sousa)--Imperial Marimba Band, 1917



Tancuj, Tancuj--Alois Havrilla, 1921 [Czecho-Slovak]

That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone (M. Carlo--A. Sanders)--Will Oakland, 1919

There's a Long, Long Trail (Zo Elliott)--George Wilton Ballard, 1916

The Three Bears (L. Leslie Brooke)--Edna Baily, 1919

'Till the Boys Come Home, or Keep the Home-Fires Burning (Novello)--Frederick Wheeler, 1915

True to the Flag March (F. von Blon)--United States Marine Band, 1922

The Trumpet Shall Sound from Messiah (Handel)--Arthur Middleton, 1916

12th Street Rag (Euday L. Bowman)--Imperial Marimba Band, 1921

The Twenty-Third Psalm--Rev. William H. Morgan D.D.; and He Leadeth Me (Bradbury)--The Calvary Choir, 1919

Umbrellas to Mend (Mel B. Kaufman)--Frisco "Jass" Band, 1918

Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile (Stewart)--Cal Stewart, 1915

The U.S. Field Artillery March (John Philip Sousa)--New York Military Band, 1920

Vesti la giubba from I Pagliacci (Leoncavallo)--Guido Ciccolini, 1917

A Visit to Reilly's--Charles Reilly, 1922

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (J. M. Black)--John Young and Frederick Wheeler, 1915

Die Witwe und Ihre Sieben Maenner (Bacchus Jacoby)--Ernest Balle, 1921 [German]

*No actual production or release dates are available for these recordings. The date given is the date that coupling orders were prepared by the Music Room Committee. This information is taken from Edison Disc Recordings by Raymond R. Wile. He writes, "Before the 1920s there might be as much as a six month lead in time between matching and eventual issue dates. By 1924 production had been so speeded up that it became unnecessary to utilize that date. Thus from 1924 on, this date means official listing date."

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