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The Director's Corner

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caBIG (cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid) Interactive Overview

Information on the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid 1 (caBIG) initiative is provided in the multimedia Interactive Overview below.

Please note that viewing the caBIG Interactive Overview is similar to watching a presentation - there are written slides shown on the screen as well as spoken narration expanding on the slide topics. Feel free to watch this Overview in what ever way is most comfortable or convenient - you may choose to just listen to the narration and then review the slide points, or simply listen to the narration. The Overview will start automatically once it is downloaded to your PC and opened - but you also have the option to move through the presentation in any order you choose and to pause it at any time.

To view the caBIG Interactive Overview, please follow these instructions:

         (1)   Click on this link to download the multimedia version of the caBIG Interactive Overview 2 (caBIG_Overview.exe, ~10.3MB).

You will be asked to designate where you would like to save the EXE file on your PC. Save the file to your PC in the same way you would save any common type of file.

Please be patient as this file is large and it takes a while to download.

Once the file is saved to your PC - open it by double clicking on the file icon. Listen for the instructions on how to start the Interactive Overview and how to navigate within the Overview.

To download and print a copy of the slides from the caBIG Interactive Overview - please download the pdf file 3 (caBIG_Interactive_Overview_Slides.pdf, ~2.7MB) to your PC and open it in Adobe Acrobat.

         (2)   Click on this link to download the content (slides and audio script) of the caBIG Interactive Overview 4.

Please note that this version is only provided for those who are unable to download the multimedia version of the caBIG Interactive Overview. The slides of the Interactive Overview and a written copy of the accompanying audio script are provided in the PDF file (caBIG_Interactive_Overview_Slides_and_Script.pdf, ~2.9MB). Unlike the multimedia version, this file is not interactive.

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