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The HIV/AIDS Program: Caring for the Underserved


HAB Information E-mail

Volume 11, Issue 25
December 4, 2008

  • Report Profiles Community Based Dental Partnership Program
  • New Ryan White Data Report (RDR): Prepare Now for January
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Report (RSR): Is Your System Ready?
  • Web Casts on the RSR: Are You Ready for Client Level Data?
  • SPNS Funding for Electronic Client Information Data Systems: Deadline February 26
  • Fresh "Faces" on the Target Center: Missouri, New York
  • 2008 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantee Meeting: One Stop for all Meeting Resources
  • 2008 NQC Quality of Care Award Winners
  • Uses New Media to Recognize 20th World AIDS Day


Report Profiles Community Based Dental Partnership Program
A new report, “Dental Partnerships: The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Community Based Dental Partnership Program,” provides an overview of the partnership’s work to date.  The report features:

  • Data on clients served (e.g., 22,566 service visits were provided in 2006, nearly double the number in 2004);
  • Data on providers trained (e.g., nearly 2,500 dental students, dental residents, and dental hygienists received training from the program from 2004 through 2006);
  • A summary of techniques used to train dental professionals and deliver dental care to client;
  • Profiles on each of the 12 partnership grantees, providing a glimpse into each community’s circumstances, their partnerships, and their services;
  • Sample tools and resources developed by partnership grantees for potential use by others.
To view the report.

New Ryan White Data Report (RDR): Prepare Now for January
Attention all grantees responsible for submitting a 2008 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Annual Data Report (Ryan White Data Report), please mark your calendars!  Beginning December 8, 2008, you may make updates to your provider lists in preparation for the 2008 Ryan White Data Report (RDR) submission.  It is important to update your list of providers early, preferably before the RDR Web system opens for data entry on January 5, 2009.  This will ensure that your providers can enter their data.

Instructions for reviewing and updating your providers are included in the annual mailing, which should arrive in your mailbox the first week of December.  The mailing will also include: 1) 2008 RDR form and instruction; 2) important information about the 2008 RDR submission; 3) a current provider list; 4) important information about HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHBs), your online portal to the RDR Web system; and 5) other relevant information for you and your providers.  If you have any questions about the 2008 RDR mailing or submission, please contact Ryan White Data Support by phone at 888/640-9356 or by email.

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Report (RSR): Is Your System Ready?
HAB’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Reporting (RSR) System requires that client level data (CLD) be collected starting January 1, 2009.  The complete reporting timeline, as well as other valuable information, is available.
. HRSA/HAB has been in contact with the following application vendors that have agreed to enhance their systems to support the RSR CLD reporting requirements.
  • AIRS
  • CAREWare
  • Casewatch Millenium
  • LabTracker
  • Provide Enterprise
If you or any of your providers are using a system other than those listed above, please contact, or have your providers contact, the system vendor(s) and encourage the vendor(s) to enhance their systems to support the RSR CLD requirements.  Vendors can contact Michael Dols for technical assistance.  If you or your providers continue to use applications that do not support the collection of the required information or the generation of the CLD XML file, an alternative approach will need to be developed by you and/or your providers.

Please address this issue with your vendors before December 25, 2008.  Also, contact the technical assistance contractor listed above for help with this matter before December 25, 2008.

Web Casts on the RSR: Are You Ready for Client Level Data?
Register now for three Web casts to learn the basics about the RSR and what programs need to do in order to implement the RSR as of January 1, 2009.

The RSR - Are You Ready for CLD I?

December 8, 2:00 - 3:30 pm, ET
This Web cast will provide a recent history of data reporting within HAB, with a focus on how and why the RSR was developed.  It will cover the advantages of client level data for you, your providers, and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

The RSR - Are You Ready for CLD II?

December 15, 2:00 - 3:30 pm, ET
This Web cast will focus on the data elements in the RSR. As many data elements were carried over from former reporting systems, only new data elements will be reviewed.  Definitions of these data elements will be clarified to assist in the collection of data.  The data elements that specific service providers must report will also be covered.

The RSR - Are You Ready for CLD III?

January 12, 2:00 - 3:30 pm, ET
This Web cast will cover the operations of collecting and reporting client level data.  The timeline of data collection and reporting will be reviewed, so viewers understand when to collect a specific data element, when you create the unique client identifier (UCI), and when you submit the RSRs.  It will provide helpful hints on new data sources that may reside in your data systems and explain how you can use these to make data collection easier.  The relationship between the new RSR with the RDR and the long-term plans for data collection will be covered.
Register for the Web casts and access other resources on the RSR at:

Draft HAB Performance Measures for ADAP, Case Management, Oral Health, Systems: Comments Requested by December 15
Time is running out to submit comments regarding the latest set of draft HAB performance measures, which were released in October.  HRSA/HAB will carefully review and consider all comments submitted.

These draft measures address the following service categories or program areas:

  1. Medical Case Management Services;
  2. AIDS Drug Assistance Program;
  3. Oral Health Services; and
  4. Systems Level.  They are intended to expand the range of performance measures available for use by Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees as part of their quality management programs.
Submit comments by December 15.

To view the draft measures go to:

SPNS Funding for Electronic Client Information Data Systems: Deadline February 26
This funding initiative will support organizations funded under Parts C and D of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment and Modernization Act of 2006 and will promote the development of standard electronic client information data systems to improve the ability of grantees to report client level data to the Department of Health and Human Services.  Applicant organizations must include plans for the development of a client level data system to collect and report client level data elements at the service provider level on a recurring basis starting in FY 2009.  This support is limited to organizations in need of an adequate information technology (IT) infrastructure and will be limited to the acquisition and implementation of hardware and software components.  Approximately $4 million is expected to be available for one year to fund 50 to 100 grants.  Funding amounts can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

Applications are due February 26, 2009.  For more information contact Sandi Duggan or 301/443-7874. The Request for Proposal is available at:

Fresh "Faces" on the Target Center: Missouri, New York

Two new “Faces of Ryan White" on the TARGET Center this month are programs that focus on the use of peer support in the care and treatment of people living with HIV.

The Kansas City Free Health Clinic (not a government web site) in Missouri operates a "People to People" program that trains peer educators so that they can, in turn, provide emotional support and linkage to services for newly diagnosed patients who are beginning treatment.

Harlem Hospital's (not a government web site) "Peers In Action" initiative helps create peer support networks to help clients understand and accept their doctors' medical advice, overcome mistrust in the medical system, and offer providers insights into a client's situation.

Both programs are funded by HRSA/HAB utilizing Minority AIDS Initiative funding.  Details about the programs are available to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees via the PEER Center (Peer Education and Evaluation Resource Center), a national resource for organizations interested in implementing peer programs.  Visit the PEER Center (not a government web site) .

Learn more about peer-related technical assistance and other sources of TA.

2008 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantee Meeting: One Stop for all Meeting Resources
The workshop slides, multimedia pieces, Clinical Update Web casts, and profiles of the award recipients are now all available in the TARGET Center TA Library.  Visit this new webpage and catch what you missed from the 2008 Grantee Meeting.

2008 NQC Quality of Care Award Winners
Recently, the National Quality Center (NQC) presented its Quality of Care Awards to recognize Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees, organizations, and individuals across all Parts that have demonstrated outstanding progress in improving the quality of HIV care.  NQC aims to acknowledge excellence among Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded grantees and promote these quality champions to further spread quality improvement.  This year, these Ryan White grantees were recognized in the following categories:
  • Quality Management Infrastructure Development: Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Public Health, HIV Unit, Quality Management Team
  • Leadership in Quality: Rebecca (Becca) Hutcheson, Public Health Department, Seattle/King County, WA
  • Senior Leadership in Quality: Lydia Barakat, MD, Waterbury Hospital Health Center, Waterbury, CT
  • Performance Measurement: Ponce Ryan White Part A Program, TGA Quality Management Program
  • Quality Improvement Activities: Community Healthcare Network, New York City, NY
To learn more about the 2008 winners or to apply for the 2009 NQC Quality of Care Awards (not a government web site) .

Other News Uses New Media to Recognize 20th World AIDS Day
On December 1, DHHS' recognized the 20th World AIDS Day by organizing several key new media activities: 1) “Facing AIDS Campaign;” 2) “Bloggers United on World AIDS Day” with the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Blog Catalog; and 3) a virtual HIV/AIDS presentation in Second Life with the National Library of Medicine, people living with HIV, and others., in ongoing collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Kaiser Family Foundation, also promoted the KNOWIT Campaign, which allows people to send a text message with their ZIP code to KNOWIT (566948) to find their local HIV testing centers. thanks everyone, including grantees, programs, and people living with, or at risk for HIV/AIDS, who organized and/or participated in World AIDS Day activities to deliver HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and research messages.

Visit the blog to hear about some of the lessons learned from these new media activities.  Readers’ comments on the blog and their own activities are invited. 

In addition to the resources listed above, don’t forget to check out these other HAB resources, which are updated regularly.
TARGET Center, Central Source for Ryan White TA
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