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Health Careers Adopt-a-School Curriculum

Health Careers Adopt-A-School is a partnership between a school and a business for the purposes of sharing resources, improving understanding and communication, and providing opportunities to mutually benefit all participants. The school and business entering into this agreement pledge to one another the commitment of time, energy, and resources to develop and support a workable partnership.


  • Academic achievement
  • Dropout prevention
  • Health career education/science/technology
  • Discipline and drug prevention
  • Enriching the cultural experiences of local youth


  • Expose students to health career curriculum with emphasis upon excellence in the field of science, math, and technology when considering careers in health care
  • Engage students in subject areas, noting an aging workforce (job opportunities) and the importance of continued education, to become eligible for future job positions
  • Develop an awareness of career opportunities in the health professions and the health care industry as a whole, while building (the public’s) confidence in the health care system
  • Create individual responsibility by educating students to the possibilities and entrance requirements needed to become a health care professional, and how decisions students make now will influence their ability to enter into these fields later.

About Health Careers


Assessment strategies and standards for these activities are based on the National Health Science Careers Path Model developed by the National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education and included in Career Cluster Resources for Health Sciences (not a U.S. Government Web site)