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Thesaurus Of Indexing Terms


The Federal Register Thesaurus is a basic indexing vocabulary for Federal regulations that are published in the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.

It includes indexing terms that describe the specific program regulations of individual agencies as well as general administrative regulations common to all agencies. The indexing terms included are intended to express and organize the often technical regulatory concepts in research terms familiar to laypersons.


There are two sections to the Thesaurus:

  • The first is an alphabetic list of all indexing terms with a series of notations under each term to refer users to preferred or related terms.
  • The second is a grouping of terms under 19 broad subject categories, allowing the user to determine quickly the existing Thesaurus terms for that broad subject.


The Office of the Federal Register uses the Thesaurus as the basis for the subject entries in the Code of Federal Regulations Index which is published annually as of January 1. Federal agencies also use the Thesaurus to prepare the ``List of Subjects'' which is included in rule and proposed rule documents submitted for publication in the Federal Register.

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